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Logitech DFGT center play
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Logitech DFGT center play
The recent news in LFS development made me dust off my DFGT and I'm really enjoying it again (though I'm a mostly louzy driver), as many other old-days pilots do and express in other threads these days.

Coming to my question: DFGT is a cheap wheel, we all know, and mine shows (and it always did) a nasty center play which is a real PITA.
With the wheel centered and pointing ahead, while driving on a long straigth, every time I turn few degrees left or right, there's always that little delay in response as if the internal gears were kind of "loose", or whatever...
I can also "mechanically" feel it in my hands: there's that tiny little spot where the wheel turns (just very few degrees), but without generating any output. Then it "engages" again and the car turns. It's not a smooth way of changing direction.
I'm trying to explain the physical feeling. In the end it's just a friggin'center play issue.

With "soapy" cars, as the RAC, this makes things harder than they already are.

I already opened the wheel few years ago, but I couldn't understand where to look at to get rid of it, if at all possible.

So, is it possible to fix it DIY?

Otherwise which brand/model should I get for a decent upgrade?
Is a G27 "enough", or does it show strange issues like this?

Fanatec? Thrustmaster?

Thanks a lot.
I have DFGT too, but i haven't noticed this. Anything similar for me is that somehow i lose ffb for just those few degrees but that's not big problem, atleast for me
Just tested this, and i seem not to have any other problems than that small ffb thingy
What about your G27?
I'm pretty sure the "dead zone" is sidewall flex. I feel it with my T500RS, not just in a straight line either.

Logitech DFGT center play
(3 posts, started )