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High fps scroll wheel bug [fixed in 0.6J but there is more]
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Hi, I had a look into this before the last official version and was able to reproduce the issue but we were out of time and I couldn't think of a quick solution. As far as I can understand, the trouble is that the mouse wheel cannot be 'held down' like an ordinary gearshift key or button. It is only 'held down' for such a short time (I think it was a set number of physics frames, or maybe only 1 frame) that the engine may not be sufficiently unloaded to allow the shift at that moment. I'm not really sure what the solution should be. Maybe it needs special code when a mouse wheel is assigned to shifting, so that instead of doing the normal thing (holding down a fake button/key for a set number of frames) it should do some sort of semi-intelligent thing like holding down a fake key until a gear change has occurred, but for a maximum of 1 second, or something like that.

Just to explain another way in case my text above made no sense - for clutchless upshifts you are really supposed to hold the upshift key/button on, then release the throttle momentarily, and at that point you release the upshift key/button. The mouse wheel as it is currently coded is not suitable for this as there is no concept of "holding the button on".
Scawen, it's not about clutchless upshifts.
Normal H pattern gearbox cars, work just fine!

Cars with a sequential gearbox and ignition cut, can be flat shifted, but only ignition cut is doing its thing. Doesnt click into next gear.

See the video I posted waaaay above.
Oh, Scawen, I'm back again!

I was so happy I built a new PC... the last one I built, was back in 2004-5, since then, I used to own decent/powerful laptops.

Back into serious gaming now. My mouse is a Steelseries Rival 110, tried all polling rates 100hz, 200hz... up to 1000hz, no change Frown
No other "tuning" or messy software installed except HW monitoring tools and motherboard's PWM fan control software, just that!!

Jumped into game so happy that I can finally render to 4k and scale it down into 1440p compensating for the lack of antialiasing... even more happy that now i'm at 165hz without screen tearing cause I'm into VRR monitor tech... well, bittersweet feelings, sequential shift still doesnt work Frown

Ignition's cut fine, but no upshift...!!

High fps scroll wheel bug [fixed in 0.6J but there is more]
(28 posts, started )