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New Dimension Racing Sandwich Day
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New Dimension Racing Sandwich Day
Happy Birthday Deko!


happy birthday!

#6 - yanki
Happy Birthday !
I wish you a happy birthday, lots of sammiches, fewer yellow flags to be thrown, fewer idiots to ban, and hopefully, fewer copy&paste errors. And get a gf. :drink:
Geezus, whats up with all these sammiches?

Anyway, happy birthday Deko! Once again because I sent him a PM at midnight GMT+1 I wish you more sammiches, fewer SC's deployed, fewer dumbasses banned, fewer copy/paste errors and hopefully a gf that will be a perfect 10/10 for you .

Have a good one Deko
Happy Birthday Mr Palmer!
have a good one deko : )
Happy birthday, Mr. Sammich!

And whenever you think you're having a bad day while doing your job, watch this...
Happy Birthday! Wish you best of luck and to continue with awesome organizing!

Thanks, everyone!

But.....I'm extremely disappointed in the lack of Bacon in these sandwiches.

I don't get the joke. Is it because he's fat?
Mmmmmm bacon... I god damn love it too! Have a good one!

Quote from Bose321 :

I don't get the joke. Is it because he's fat?

The joke is because when I usually depart events or other goings-on for an amount of time, it's for lunch (since it's usually lunchtime here when it's dinnertime in Europe), and a sandwich is usual lunch fare for me and many, most reckon I always eat sandwiches.
Stay safe, hopfully your area is not affected too bad

New Dimension Racing Sandwich Day
(18 posts, started )