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LFS Rally Pack*
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LFS Rally Pack*
Ready for some new content?

LFS Rally Pack*

*unofficial user-created content, no actual code or physics additions, sorry!

Here are six layouts that recreate the feel of WRC point to point stages, one for each of Live for speed's environments.

Months in the making, counting over 4,000 meticulously placed objects, almost 40 minutes from start to finish (in the fastest cars), tons of corners you've never raced

These layouts will have you dancing on the pedals and mostly, having fun!

a while back I got bored and started driving on the side of the road at Westhill. Having realised how cool some of the corners were, I added barriers between the grass and the asphalt and made a rally layout. This was so much fun I did another at Aston and later fern bay. This november I figured I could finish up the other 3 environments in time for christmas and make a present for the lfs community, so here it is!

due to object limits there isn't always a barrier on the side of the "road", so the honor system is in effect. basically if you are on the grass, stay on the grass, likewise for asphalt, and for south city and part of kyoto, if you are in a lane, stay in that lane. don't worry though! there are plenty of objects and signs to make it clear where to go, and transitions from grass/dirt to pavement are clearly indicated. if in doubt there are demo replays but they shouldn't be necessary and besides, spend that 40 minutes driving!

the priorities in making these layouts were
1) novelty - the least number of recognisable corners possible (only 2 fern bay corners use 'standard' line).
2) flow - this should be fun and not feel too tight or have a lot of j-turns.
3) length - each layout should use the terrain to the max.

driving these stages is much different from the standard lfs content. you have to be cautious, often only using partial throttle or partial braking for example down fast, slippery downhill corners. overall the emphasis is on being just aggressive enough to maintain a good pace and car control to make it to the finish!

all stages start at a standard start/finish so there are no penalties for touching cones or tires. multiplayer could work, but the start areas may have objects in the way and the stages are really too narrow to have many passing spots.

a pair of orange cones means caution. some layouts have green tire stacks to indicate apexes. the stages have been tested extensively but it always feels like there could be some improvement, so don't hesitate to point out flaws or suggest modifications.

times are estimated quick times for fastest cars

Stage 1
Blackwood Rallycross Y

Stage 2
South City Sprint 2 X

Stage 3
Fern Bay Rallycross Y

Stage 4
Kyoto GP Long X

Stage 5
Westhill International

Stage 6
Aston Grand Prix X

for those interested in posting times, please follow these rules
  • must have codriver
  • race all 6 stages back to back without restarts to post a valid total time
  • no wallriding
  • use same car + setup (should we do tire changes?)
the setups used in making the demos are attached.

the RAC set is self-made and is surprisingly resilient to aggressive driving while retaining great turn-in.

the RB4 set is also self-made after watching this video: it aims to recreate that soft floaty front-end that eats rough terrain, good for the fern bay stage.

Have fun and please post back with feedback, times, or even what you ate for breakfast.
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KY3X_p2p.lyt - 5.3 KB - 1466 views
WE1_p2p.lyt - 4.2 KB - 1470 views
AS5X_p2p.lyt - 6.2 KB - 1415 views
RAC_p2p.set - 132 B - 1641 views
RB4_p2p.set - 132 B - 1623 views
FZ5_p2p.set - 132 B - 1494 views
LX4_p2p.set - 132 B - 1471 views
LX6_p2p.set - 132 B - 1181 views - 994.4 KB - 661 views
Great work, I'll try it.
#3 - Omar1
very nice! going to have a try now
This looks fun, will try it in the next days.
Good stuff, thanks!
Looks like fun!

inb4 TVE whining
cant wait to try these

does anybody know if i can use LFStweak on 0.6E offline?

i think the answer is no... but im not sure
Quote from HarryGillman :cant wait to try these

does anybody know if i can use LFStweak on 0.6E offline?

i think the answer is no... but im not sure

Not yet. I believe these programs have to be updated first. I'm surprised this has not happened yet.
Quote from HarryGillman :cant wait to try these

does anybody know if i can use LFStweak on 0.6E offline?

i think the answer is no... but im not sure has an update for LFS 0.6E.

I attached a preset to make the RB4 more competitive with the LRF class. to load it you must use "Load... Load CarType 1 Values..." and have the unzipped file in your documents folder.

it feels quite a bit more lively and fun. it may still be a little too slow so if anyone comes up with a more balanced tweak please pass it on.

I've had a few goes at the complete set of stages. here are the times I got:





I believe times in the 37 minute range are possible for the good drivers. for example my pb for the aston stage is 6:21.98 with the fz5. true it is totally different to do one stage repeatedly at breakneck speeds than to do all 6 in order without restarts!!

(times calculated using
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I had a delicious pastry this morning.
Sweet! Really nice, tried it today, played one layout for like an hour ^^
Sorry for my dumb question: how do I install these tracks? I dropped them in to lfs/data/layout and they did not show up when I choose track? Thank you!
When selecting a track, hold Shift (or Ctrl, I forget) and then select either the X or Y that corresponds to each track.
Quote from ToxicKlay :When selecting a track, hold Shift (or Ctrl, I forget) and then select either the X or Y that corresponds to each track.

many many thank's.
For what?
Quote from nascar31 :many many thank's.

For what? As a demo racer, you cannot access the layouts. I smell some crack :dopey: :riceboy: :dnfnoob:

LFS Rally Pack*
(17 posts, started )