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Ignition Leads / spark plug wires pattern
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Ignition Leads / spark plug wires pattern
Hey there!

My car needs from time to time (hyundai atos prime 00 version I think) to change ignition leads and spark plugs in order to not misfire.
Not a big problem, once every year

However, since I was a complete tool I unplugged all the leads and forgot the pattern on the ignition leads, or, well I need to find out which number of the sylinders fire in which order. I got "proffesional" help now to help my sorry ass, but still need the number of which sylinder fires first, second, third and fourth.

If anyone could help me I would be very thankfull!

Edit: we're talking about the spark plug wires here, might used the wrong word sorry!
Almost certainly 1,3,4,2
I will try that, thanks a lot!
Is there any danger involved if it's wrong or is it just trail and error?
It's not ideal to get it wrong if you have a catalyst (most cars do), but very few cars have a firing order that isn't 1,3,4,2.

Does it have a distributor cap or is coil packs?
Was the pattern you said, thank you :-) And lol, you have seen my car? No catalyst on it
Usually it says on the block, which one fires at what time, It says that on my corolla anyways.
Glad to help. No idea what your car is!
Stod nothing on the block hehe. Its a huyndai atos prime glss....yeah ****ing optimus prime it us!
well, it ferried you round half Europe pretty ok, so give it some respect
Hehe I do, it's a complicated relationship

Ignition Leads / spark plug wires pattern
(10 posts, started )