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MRT-5 Trophy 2012
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MRT-5 Trophy 2012
Team Rock Racing to organize the MRT-5 Trophy 2012!

A spring league with the MRT around various circuits and layouts.
We will have 10 events during the league, and there will be 1 winner!

Attention, league is lenghted to 10 events, due to added awards.

Races are to be done on Wednesday evening, from 20:00 GMT+2 till 21:30 GMT+2

Races scedule:

Wednesday 18th of April - Aston Club Reversed (AS2r)
Wednesday 25th of April - Blackwood Chicana (BL3)
Wednesday 2nd of May - Autocross oBal (AU1)
Wednesday 9th of May - Fern Bay Club (FE1)
Wednesday 16th of May - ?
Wednesday 23rd of May - ?
Wednesday 30th of May - ?
Wednesday 6th of June - ?
Wednesday 13th of June - ?
Wednesday 20th of June - ?

You've gotten a nice layout for the series? Attach it to this topic, and it may be used.

Special news break:
To encourage people to drive this league, we offer some small awards for this league.
Champion = €12,50
2nd = €9,00
3rd = €5,00

Winners can only be payed via PayPal.

We now invite you to sign up for the MRT-5 Trophy 2012! Leave a reply, with the following field filled in:



Server passwords will be send via LFS Forum PM.
Server-name: "MRT-5 Trophy 2012"

For more information, and layouts, check back later.

Signups (16/20):
#02 S. Mircea/Extremus - - Romania
#04 T. Kelemen/Bunsel - MZR - Germany
#05 R. Lowik/cyclo - Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme - Netherlands
#06 R. Kardol/Rik97 - Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme - Netherlands
#07 W. Lemmens/Rockclan - Team Rock Racing - Netherlands
#09 W. Venter/DazedSa - PeDo - South Africa
#10 A. Guzzaloni/Lex977 - PlayerZone Team - Italy
#11 B. Velinov/F1 mainiac - Team Rock Racing - Bulgaria
#16 W. Barnardt/LuckyWill87 - PeDo - South Africa
#20 P. Nelli/Il Nonno - Race4Fun - Italy
#52 T. Koreny/Denny12 - Angel Power Racing - Czech Republic
#65 J. Koskinen/DarknessPainF1 - Genuine Racing - Finland
#72 J. Lavrikov/ImudilaSkyline - Last Lap Motorsports - Estonia
#86 L. Kovacs/pointer4 - badass - Hungary
#88 D. Moldovan/kitu_gudu - GTS Motorsports - Romania
#93 E. Pūliņš/ZyXEL - PlayerZone Team - Latvia
I am in ! (you know the info :razz
Team: /
Carnumber: 52
Country:Czech Republic
Quote from F1 mainiac :Aren't you from Angel Power Racing (APR)?

Was, but 2 best people left APR and now i have no chance,becouse other people are not that much active..
Come on, we need some more drivers.

Wednesday evenings, nothing is on the calender.
#7 - rik97
Firstname: Rik
Lastname: Kardol
LFSW-name: Rik97
Team: Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme
Carnumber: 06
Country: the Netherlands
Next week is the first race, with just 4 signups at the moment.
Nobody drive the MRT
First event today:

20:00 Start of qualification.
20:30 Start of race.

MRT-5 Trophy 2012


lol u set a serverpass on the forum?
Firstname: Pietro
Lastname: Nelli
LFSW-name: Il Nonno
Team: Race4Fun - R4F
Carnumber: 20
Country: Italia

Firstname: Willem
Lastname: Barnardt
LFSW-name: LuckyWill
Team: PeDo
Carnumber: 16
Country: South-Africa
Firstname: Wian
Lastname: Venter
LFSW-name: MiscuZi (DazedSa) Using MiscuZi as nick
Team: PeDo
Carnumber: 09
Country: South Africa

Team mate of Luckywill
Hi, saw you last race,
sadly jumped over other car half a lap before finish, urg^^ damnit^^

Firstname: Thomas
Lastname: Kelemen
LFSW-name: bunsel
Team: MZR
Carnumber: 04
Country: germany

and HI to WILL AND CETUS , maybe we bring some more guys for next race,
and i really hope race is longer than 13 laps next time^^, bit very short

Thx & Cu
I, thanks. We where looking for an MRT league for some time now. Really enjoy these cars!

Just want to find out, will there be a server running throught the week where we will be able to practice? As I don't know what the track layout will be and we would like to get some practice in.

äh what the hell is bl 3^^,

do you set server pls to this track, maybe some guys wanna train^
last race i needed the whole race to get the track and car^^

lol will , before i wrote it, your post wasnt there^^,
The layout for next round is loaded, and can be downloaded from attachment in this post.

The first race saw 9 qualifiers, and 8 racers. It was a quite nice fight for positions, with some crashes and spins. Results to be posted soon.

Attached files
BL3_MRT-5 Trophy ^h2.lyt - 1.9 KB - 415 views
20:00 UTC+2 is.....13:00 UTC-5? I'm sorry, that's mid-day on a weekday, I've got school/work. Looks like this league is restricted to European racers only.

EDIT: Good luck to all those racing, though! Maybe I'll join next year.
Just want to confirm something.

With the track layout that was shared (Thanks btw)
Are there any additional tyres etc that will be placed?

I drove around the layout last night and noticed it was only a very tight right-left turn, followed by a long right, a straigt and another right.

Please confirm
It's just this simple track.

But there's just a small margin for error. We will have quite some laps, so I think it will be quite exciting race.

I would like to join, if it's still possible.

Firstname: Daniel
Lastname: Moldovan
LFSW-name: kitu_gudu
Team: GTS Motorsport
Carnumber: 88
Country: Romania

Hour of the start is 20:00 UTC? How many laps will the race have?
Quote from kitu_gudu :I would like to join, if it's still possible.

Firstname: Daniel
Lastname: Moldovan
LFSW-name: kitu_gudu
Team: GTS Motorsport
Carnumber: 88
Country: Romania

Hour of the start is 20:00 UTC? How many laps will the race have?

20:00 GMT+2 = CET = UTC+2

Race will have 28 laps.

MRT-5 Trophy 2012
(59 posts, started )