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Heal Track, Hurt Track!
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Heal Track, Hurt Track!
Allright, all is set, we're going green!

Simple rules:
1 heal, 1 hurt per day
15HP at start, 30 makes track invincible.
No reverse configs, both directions are being represented by one abbreviation.

Let's raise our postcounts!

Here's the list:

AS1 - 22
AS2 - 11
AS6 - 13
SO2 - 12
SO3 - 11
SO4 - 20
SO5 - 14

BL2 - SAVED 9.8. Speed Senna
FE1 - SAVED 15.4. Kid222
FE3 - SAVED 13.4. Kid222
FE4 - SAVED 3.4. The Very End
FE5 - SAVED 21.4. The Very End
FE6 - SAVED 4.4. Joku123
KY1 - SAVED 30.3. ImudilaSkyline
KY2 - SAVED 6.4. BmxTwins

AS3 - DEAD 1.4. Fast Jarda
AS4 - DEAD 10.4. Joku123
AS5 - DEAD 27.10. Kid222
AS7 - DEAD 10.4. Fast Jarda
FE2 - DEAD 21.4 ImudilaSkyline
SO1 - DEAD 14.4. Cornys
SO6 - DEAD 15.4. Fast Jarda
KY3 - DEAD 7.4. Kid222
WE1 - DEAD 13.4. Kid222
Can I hurt these topics, lots of times?
No you canot
Edit loloolol!
Quote from The Very End :No you canot

Heal BL1
Hurt AS4

TVE can i point you back to the OP and read the text above the list?
We've not started yet, only gathering info.

Crashgate3: Feel free to add your input.
Haha, read it again and understanded it better, sorry

Lets just do the normal track list without the open configs. Even with just the ordinary layouts and the reversed ones, the list is pretty big!

Other inputs?
#6 - J@tko
Did I genuinely say in the last thread we couldn't do this because there wasn't more than 20 poll options available? And there wasn't even a poll in the last thread?

F**k me I'm dumb :doh:
Ok, here's an idea, let's scrap reverses, only normal tracks will be included, but they will be representing their reverse brothers aswell.

Also 15 start HP and 30 HP max could be just fine. Anything else, before we get on the way? Don't be shy, send me to hell and back.
Indeed Erik, indeed...
I guess we all were here just to raise our e-penises with growing up the post count. That's the main purpose of forums, actually.
Just the normal track list without reverses, open configs or layouts. 10 or 15 start HP.

Kalev has spoken!
Meh. Couldn't you just hurt 2 tracks in one post...
Kalev mostly matched his idea with mine, so i made edits to OP and we're green!

Heal AS7
Hurt KY1
Not this crap again.
Please remove the open configs..
Heal KY1
Hurt SO1

OT: Remove the open configurations
Quote from Cornys :Heal KY1
Hurt SO1

OT: Remove the open configurations

Everything the same, including OT.
Vox populi, vox dei. It was bad idea.
Heal KY2
Hurt BL1
Heal BL1
Hurt AS4
Heal KY2
Hurt SO6
Heal BL1
Hurt AS7
#23 - Dmt
no we1?
Heal LFS.
Hurt iRacing.

Heal Track, Hurt Track!
(288 posts, started )