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PMD's Layout Distribution Thread
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PMD's Layout Distribution Thread
Okay well it is time to just distribute my layout folder. Over the past 6 years or so I have made nearly 1000 layouts or more. Instead of just posting my folder (contains some other peoples and open configs etc) I just tried to sort it as easy as possible.

Previously I had done:

Also including many league layouts, including drift competitions and race leagues.

In addition, also added WRC and Special Stages from the league that never happened.

Many of the race layouts you will notice are for MiniFBM, however that doesn't mean it can't be used with other cars.

Finally, the best layouts that are posted are under "Death Rally". Last year or so we started doing these layouts that are fast and deadly to do, then we decided "Why not allow 16 or more people to race it at the same time?"

Anyways, will appreciate anyone who downloads or leaves a comment. I'll try to keep sorting my folder and add other categories of layouts I have. So updates might be coming some time in the future.

Race layouts: 26
Drift layouts: 222
Death Rally: 28
OneVOne: 24
WRC: 52
Bump-N-Jump: 10
Attached files - 53.4 KB - 395 views - 385.5 KB - 473 views - 39.2 KB - 495 views - 49.5 KB - 360 views - 112.9 KB - 472 views - 17.9 KB - 332 views
Ahem half of them, We* made together over the past half a decade p.s long time no see lol
Yeah, they're awesome.

to be honest these layouts are pretty bad but thats what you get when a fat person makes them (sarcasm level OVER 9000)

DEATH RALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nah, the layouts are good.

Im pretty good at drifting.

Great layouts, thanks for sharing!
THX for the great work you do for the community!
#8 - Dudeu
Thanks ! Kick-ass layouts
Bump. Added 10 bump and jump layouts.

PMD's Layout Distribution Thread
(9 posts, started )