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Quote from sinanju :Both my servers (Sin'rs and Sin'rs too) have been missing from LFS Master Server List for last couple of days.

Also, at the same time, I have been unable to access the MHServers login panel, nor have I been able to connect to servers via ftp.

This another DoS attack or something else?

Hello Sinanju,

I just check, I connected to two servers without problem.
And the servers appear in LFSW.

For the control pannel, you should use this link :

I verified your IP address is almost identical with the IP address of a DDoSer
Now I unbanned this Range IP and you should be able to reconnect.

I am sincerely sorry

To all our customers, we are proud to announce, from this morning we are equipped with an anti ddos on our server.

This simply means that you can not be bothered now by ddos attacks.
ddos will not have any effect on your servers.

Dear customers,

We bought an IP from the Czech Republic:

If you want to use this IP, you simply log into your control panel and change the IP by (in the setup.cfg file).

It is a geographical IP and it normally gives you a better connection to the countries of the East.

The addition of this IP is totally free for our customers.

Best Regards

Edit : of course after change the ip you need restart the server.
What exactly is the point of using a geographical IP? The server is still in the same country regardless of the IP and the routes remain the same.

Surely there is no ping difference between both addresses?
The server remains the same, but it will be connected to a separate network, with the same quality of service as our main network but eligible for optimized connectivity for Czech republic and surrounding
we have a problem with our provider some people can't connect to the server.
I have sent an email to our provider for fix the problem and we are waiting.

If you have problem to connect on the server please use this ip until it was fixed

change the ip on the setup.cfg from your control panel

Sorry for the inconvenience caused
I tried both IPs (the czech and the original one). On both IPs, I get disconnects from the server and sometimes I can't connect. I hope this is just temporary
Quote from Nadeo4441 :I tried both IPs (the czech and the original one). On both IPs, I get disconnects from the server and sometimes I can't connect. I hope this is just temporary

can you tell me what server you have tried please ?
problem seems to be fixed.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused again.
The server I bought a couple of days ago. "Team eNETiS"
Quote from Nadeo4441 :The server I bought a couple of days ago. "Team eNETiS"

ok thank you, all are fixed now you can use the ip

If you dont like i can refund you.
Nah, I'm good. The server is not going to be used all the time, just wanted to make sure there will be no connection errors when it is.
Dear Customers,

We will still change dedicated server this month but still with the same provider.
So we ordered a big server that we will receive in a few days.

We make the change for a more powerful dedicated server.
This new server will also be equipped with an anti ddos efficacious, more cpu, more ram and more bandwidth.

The transfer to the new server will be like the last time lower than 30 minutes of downtime.

Thank you all for your attention

I received the new server, and after several days of testing, all work properly.
I installed version 2 of Tcadmin.

I will move all servers from now on the new server.
A lower downtime is 30 minutes per customer to predict.

Each customer will receive an email when the server is moved with the information on the control panel.

Everything remains as before, nothing changes just the server

Thank you for your understanding.
Change done, everything goes perfect. TX!

Edit: in a few days me or someone of my team will contact with you to renew the server
Quote from 2zas :Change done, everything goes perfect. TX!

Edit: in a few days me or someone of my team will contact with you to renew the server

Glad you like the server and thank you for your trust.

All server are moved on the new server.

Best Regards,
The LFS race server is working ok, but I had major problems with my LFSLapper server.

Following part may have relevance to anyone running LFSLapper InSim with their LFS game server if they find they have screen showing '...cannot be found' errors:

The following 4 files all had additional lines of code added in at the very end of the script (seemingly copied and pasted a random section from within the script);


When I run all the corrected code now (downloaded from the server) on my own home network, LFSLapper loads properly (without showing any errors), but the LFSLapper.exe file (in its own little cmd window) shows
'Error: Illegal character. at line #15422'

There is no file with this amount of lines, so I assume 'lapper' adds all the .lpr files together (lfslapper.lpr 5316 + accel.lpr 638 + addonused.lpr 87 +, etc) and all I have to do is hope I add up all the lines of code in the various .lpr files in the correct order and find the correct line 15422!
do you use the version or of the lapper ?
everything seems to work.
the *. lpr was not editable (I added) + max size was at 100kb (I put it in 1024)

you can try and see if everything is working properly please?
Before I posted, I deleted the 4 affected files and replaced them with files that I knew worked ok.
I do not know that this happened, but the copy I made ​​you do not work.

I copied with other software and it seems to work.

Can you confirm please?
Looks ok.
Sorry for that.

A little explanation.
The LFSLapper that I downloaded did not work on my computer and I had the same error.

So I downloaded LFSLapper from another software on my computer, and it worked.

But the main thing is that it works now

Sorry again.

Game Server Hosting MHS
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