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This is crashmaaas! - the derby event
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This is crashmaaas! - the derby event

Got some rage after a race?
Are you mad to someone?
Want to put your anger on someone to see his car upside down?
Want to release some steam while racing?
Or you are just naturally aggressive driver but all events too soft for you?

Well,here is your solution,because

This is CRASHMAAAS !!!
the X-mas derby event
Monday, 26th december, 20:00 EET / 19:00 CET / 18:00 UTC

This is the chance to take your 140 horsepower rear wheel drive XR GT and don't feel sorry if you happen to destroy it - because this is an event where you have a risk to get your car finished before crossing the finish line. The event will have only few basic rules regarding behaviour on track,otherwise - feel free to impress your opponents physically,divebombing and P.I.T. maneuvers more than welcome! Event will consist from different parts - qualifying,where each driver just sets his laptimes to decide starting places,heats,where the fight starts to get physical for the chance for final,the final,where best will be decided and a bonus run,where everyone will get a final chance to let out rage on masses!

The event starts 20:00 EET / 19:00 CET / 18:00 UTC with hotlap qualifying,everyone who wants to take part,should be in server before the start of it,but arrival deadline is 20 minutes after start of qualifying (it's the minimum lenght of it),everyone who comes later will be able just to watch and take part only in bonus run.

I have set a nice green track to have this carnage,it's the Fern Bay Bullring (located between FE Gold final section and the recently opened bumpy straight):
(click to see bigger image)
The track surface is 99% grass (not that the 1% of tarmac would make a difference anyway),one lap is 330 meters long and width variates from 10 to 20 meters and it even has a slight elevation! It uses the original FE Club reversed starting grid from which drivers will drive towards the track,but every run will be started from the custom starting grid via insim application. Layout file attached,feel free to have a practice run to be familiar with track.

Now some information about the parts of this event:

The hotlap qualifying will be used here. Every driver will have 1 outlap and 2 timed hotlaps laps,the best lap counts as per standart LFS qualifying. The order will be decided by connection list - from top to bottom. Each driver will receive 2 simple commands from race administration:
[drivername] - join - driver joins and stops his car right before entry of track
[drivername] - go! - driver enters the track for his qualifying run
Everyone else is expected to stay in spectators until called for his run!
Qualifying will determine starting order for most of runs!

Heats will be 10 laps long and will be used to determine drivers eligible for the final. Heat run amount and levels (as semifinal or quarterfinal) will be dependent from number of drivers taking part,but every heat will be run with no more than 6 drivers,best 2 finishers atomatically qualifies for next level (final or semifinal),except the last chance run where more drivers could start if needed and it will be just 6 laps long!
For example - if there are 13-18 drivers,all will be divided into 3 heats (from qualifying results - 1st in heat 1,2nd - heat 2,3rd - heat 3,4th - heat 3,5th - heat 2,6th - heat 1,7th - heat 1,etc). Best 2 from each heat qualifies for final,the rest will run in last chance run for remaining 4 postions in final.
In case there are 12 or less drivers,only 2 heats will be run,where best 3 qualifies,the rest goes for last chance run.
If there are more than 18 drivers,the first round of heats will determine best 18 to take part in semifinal heats which will be run just like in example.

The final:
The final is the run where the event official winner will be decided - it will be 20 laps long and only best 10 drivers through qualifying and heats will be able to fight for bragging rights! The starting order will be decided partially from heats and qualifying - for example if there were 3 heats,all 3 heat winners will start from top 3 places,order for that will be determined by qualifying results,all 3 heat 2nd place finishers will take 4th-6th places on start with same ordering,last chance run qualifyers will be ordered just by qualifying results.

The Bonus run:
It's the ultimate carnage - everyone in server will be able to take part in this 20 lap run,the best part - starting order will be random,so you could only blame LFS randomizer for a bad starting place. If there are more than 21 drivers for this run,this means tough luck for those who will happen to have to start from 22nd place or lower,as they will have to start from outside of the track! Oh,right,there will be a little surprise for this run,you'll see it yourself! :P

Even this is a almost rule-free event on track while racing,the event format asks some tough admining,so everyone is expected to behave in server and follow admin's instuctions and these guide lines:

Starting of a run:

Each run will be started from custom grid (visible in track picture) via insim application made by Jason_lfs.
Originally the run will start from FE1X starting grid,after the original LFS green lights signal everyone forms a single file in same order as they were gridding up and drives carfully and contact free towards the track entry. When entering the track,leader chooses one of 3 spots of the frond row and takes the place,the 2nd driver in order chooses one of 2 front row places ramaining,3rd place driver has to take the only spot left on front row. The same order has to be done for the rest of field - 4th-6th takes 2nd row,7th-9th - 3rd row and so on.
When everyone has taken their spots,admin gives a command "READY" and the starting application is launched - it will flash up 4 red lights (by one at a time) and then give green lights to start the race.
In case there was a jumpstart,the application will give yellow lights,show "Race start cancelled" in chat and notify who made the jumpstart. In this case everyone will drive one lap around the track (one lap will be added to race distance) and take the same positions on the grid,except the driver,who made the jumpstart - he will loose his position by letting everyone by on the lap and take the first free place at back of the grid (his original starting place will stay free).
In case a driver makes his 2nd jumpstart,he will be disqualified from the run and classified as last in it.

Racing rules:
Everyone is expected to follow clean racing rules... Yeah,right... This is crashmaaas! There are only these basic rules:
1. No wrong way driving - just anti-clockwise direction on track! In case you get spun heading wrong way,driver is expected to turn his car to right direction on full steering lock or reverse and make the J-turn.
2. No standing on track - exept the car is in undrivable condition/position,in that case feel free to leave your car as an extra obstacle for others and hope for someone's help.
3. No disturbing on non-finished drivers after finishing himself.
4. Have fun! (also a mandatory rule :P)

Server behaviour rules:
  • follow the instructions of admins
  • no spamming in chat
  • no insulting others in any way (other than crashing them while in a official run)
  • no contact between cars before the run starts (started run counts only after insim aplication gives green lights!)
  • join only when allowed
  • no voting for restart/end/qualification
Server will be online at least 3 hours before event start and information about it will be posted right here:
> > > Server name: This is Crashmaaas!!! Password: bumpIT

The event will not require any sign-ups,but everyone joining server will be expected to have red the rules and information about event format above and follow them!
Feel free to post your interest to take part in this so everyone will know how many drivers expected!

See you on track and have fun!
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Don't know if I'll make it, but I'm interested Have to see how my schedule looks
#3 - rik97
I am interested!
If I can make it im in, so is mustangman759
Hopefully i can make it! looks like funfunfun
I will come, I will share seat with my new female soul-mate nicknamed Moody.

We will use the account Peterbilt.

Please send info via PM to Rockclan
on the bonus round will the extra cars just start around the track? or from the pit exit thingy?
Quote from rockclan :Please send info via PM to Rockclan

Nobody will get PMs sent - info about server will be posted here,in this thread.
Quote from Mustangman759 :on the bonus round will the extra cars just start around the track? or from the pit exit thingy?

If there are any extra cars (not sure if there will be more than 21 drivers),they will start from track entry,shown in track picture,lined up single file.
Quote from Eclipsed :Nobody will get PMs sent - info about server will be posted here,in this thread.

Ok clear

Sadly I´d have to let Moody drive, as I accidentally in the shower this morning, rebroke my right hand.
Server is online and information is in original post!
Everyone joining server is considered as familiar with all the rules and expected to follow them!
Only a few mins still start - have a look at the info and jump in!
What's password?

E: Yeap, shame. Thanks anyway.
It's inside main info,to make sure you're familiar with it!
Guys please come to this event, you can drive it yet...

Transfered to main in first heat by finishing second Event title and name says it all
Merry crashmas!
Thank you Rony! This was most fun event where i have been!
Pls make a new one
i rofl on fullers fail, i rofl and my tem's punt
Thanks alot Rony Sorry for my mistakes, I was using a new wheel online for the first time :/ Alot of fun, and finished 6th in main event
Thank Rony! That was fun!

Sorry for the last minute publicity attracting a number of people who didnt read the rules.

First lap of The Bonus Run!
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Bonus Run - Lap 1 - Split 1.jpg
ROFL @ picture Silver

yeah it was so funny. Thanks guys.
Quote from Silverracer :Thank Rony! That was fun!

Sorry for the last minute publicity attracting a number of people who didnt read the rules.

First lap of The Bonus Run!

thanks for getting me in the shot!
The X-mas crashfest is over,we have a winner and he is from same country as organizer - Latvia! Even though Keff's qualified just 7th,he won his heat round,securing himself a front row start for the final,he even finished second it the bonus run too. 2nd finished another latvian - Litro,who had to qualify for final through last chance run,3rd is taken by the dutch driver from the most active team MTDZX - Rik97. Congratulations to top 3 finishers and the Bonus run winner - me! Dunno if it was the unfair advantage as I was the only one who knew that little surprise or most likely,I was just lucky... Was just a bonus anyway...

Here are the results in one long picture (have a bad habbit on graphical results making):

Thanks to everyone who came,hope you had fun,as this was intended to have one!
Incase someone interested: Tha Replayzz
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This is crashmaaas! - the derby event
(32 posts, closed, started )