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LFS Track Maps Extended
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LFS Track Maps Extended

First of all I want to thank beefyman666 for giving me the permission to use his LFS Track Maps to create the extended version for the new Open Configurations.

This version includes all "official" Open Configs listed here plus two additional ones. For example: It might help admins to show the track for those who not immediately know which track code match the corresponding circuit or video editors can use it to show the track in their intro etc...

Have fun whilst using them!

(Created by beefyman666, edited by Feuerdrache)

Quote :Update List
The AS62 Track Map had the wrong layout. This error has been fixed now. [Track Maps Extended]

1. Resized a few track pictures to reduce their sizes; 2. Added a few track pictures (AS77, AS78) and gave the tracks names. 3. AS15 is now named "AS Shootee" (taken over from CityLiga name scheme). [Track Maps Extended]

Attached files
Track Maps - 1.5 MB - 7242 views
Track Maps Extended - 1.5 MB - 4574 views
Track Maps Extended - 1.9 MB - 6844 views
Thank you for the great work

BTW S13 looks cool
nice sasha, thanks for map on FE Bronze
Thank you
  • Great stuff thanks!
I updated the first post again with v3.

BTW Thanks for the compliments so far.
What is this? I downloaded just pictures:/
Quote from alex900202 :What is this? I downloaded just pictures:/

These are track maps (a drawing of tracks shape for some graphical porposes),not tracks itself! You can unlock other tracks by buying a licence at!
Ok. I understand.
Where do they put the png file?
Will LFS use them to replace the open minimap? Should I copy them in data/layout?
You can not use them in LFS.
The images are just for looking (or use in videos, track guides etc)
OK, I just hope this was already submitted as an improvement suggestion.
Where do they put the png file?

LFS Track Maps Extended
(15 posts, started )