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No really, what is the correct answer? Atm I've guessed it as A?

Edit -

Nelson - 2
Senna - 3
Mansell - 1
Prost - 0

A = 6

Damon - 2

Jenson - 1
Alonso - 1
Schu - 4
Lew - 2

C = 8

I'm unsure who some of the drivers are in B?
Pretty sure this is group B: Hill, Boutsen, Villeneuve, Patrese

The dirty work is done, now someone find out the answer and post here I cbf
screw it i couldnt wait and risk missing out on 4.5mil haha

hill 2
boutsen 1
villeneuve 2
patrese 0
group b total: 5

so going by luke lfs i guess c is the answer?
Time to make choises again. Looks like mclaren is strong and rbr seems to struggle...

Better make bets too.
Alright time for some major changes.

McLaren chassis, engine, fuel which gives me a few more dollars for the drivers. Now that i have done that Red Bull and Ferrari will smoke them....
I went all in with mclaren. Hamilton and both mclarens plus diresta and total fuel.

I was expecting both mclarens in top 4 and got what I expected.
forgot to do the bets. d*ck!
Lol for the first 50 laps I was smiling so hard my face hurts. Hamilton 1st and both mclarens 1-2 and diresta in top10. Then hamilton fell to 4th and now I go check my team and I remember that I did not have diresta but I had ricciardo as my 2nd driver.

Still good solid points
I had an all McLaren setup, except my drivers so I did quite well this weekend. Pretty happy.
Quote from Dygear :I had an all McLaren setup, except my drivers so I did quite well this weekend. Pretty happy.

I was gutted when Hamilton dropped down, really gutted when Kobayashi dropped out of 7th. I had Kobayashi as one of my drivers and a full Mclaren setup, if Sutil had kept up with Di Resta it would have been my best result ever.
2nd practise starts in about 30 minutes. Remember to make changes this evening if unless you want to take the risk of forgetting to change team tomorrow before the quali.

At least get rid of senna if you had heidfeld as now heidfeld has been replaced by senna.
Can't wait for quali!
Still time to make changes!
Results are up. I did good.

Some surprises in the lead as well.
Massive failure
Bonus question!

A boring one, but according to this "the latest fatal accident was in 2000".
Yeah, went with that too.
Posted about the question but later forgot to setup my team...
Oh well at least now I have some money.

Nice fight for the lead.
Who's got the time to find that out?
There are maybe 10 or so drivers who could have done that. Just open their wiki pages and see the table of race positions. Took total 3 minutes...
How about you just tell us.

F1 Race Manager 2011 Browser Game
(253 posts, started )