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I went to answer the question the other day and it had finished. Not happy.
Quote from Hyperactive :Difficult choises once again

I think I'll change things a bit and get a redbull driver...

Hmm, disappointed with my poor redbull driver Algaersuave. Probably would have been better off just saving that money instead. Another option I was wondering was to change to force indias but the risk felt too big. Too bad for Lonso too. Lost some good points with that wing...

Damn Petrov!! Severed my points.

At least now he'll be on the X-Games as well, Formula 1 Freestyle...
Guess I won't be using the williams chassis again anytime soon... :worried:
Quote from three_jump :Guess I won't be using the williams chassis again anytime soon... :worried:

Same, they looked better than Sauber in practice, but once again they were obviously doing short stints or running under weight to look better than they are. They did the same crap last season.
Holy poop.... 9th....

Thats what happens when you forget to update the team...
If only Petrov didn't want to reach the stars and/or drive like Meg Simpson, I could have got the best points of our subleague.

Oh well. At least two places up. Things are getting interesting.
#62 - Uke
I just noticed i have been in the last years subleague all the time D:

Changed to the right one now.
Well I'm going with Renault/Torro Rosso in the next race. If I get the bonus question right I should have enough to do that.
We probably get another bonus question this week before for the chinese gp.

Looking at my options now I'm a bit stumped. If Webber improves I need to change fuel from shell to total but then again ferrari should improve too. Also force indias looked stronger than str in malaysia and with the short time between the races I'd be surprised if china was different. Str looks like going down while force india is improving...

Lotus defenately benefitted from the hot weather but I doubt if they can improve any positions from where they are even if they did get quicker.
yeah none of the above sounds right...
1st in the league woot!
#67 - Uke
It is michael schumacher accorging to wikipedia.
Quote from Uke :.... accorging to wikipedia.

.... and Jeremy Clarkson won it in 2010 according to wikipedia...

#70 - Uke
Quote from Uke :Well, the time when i checked it said michal schumacher instead of jeremy clarckson.

Michael Schumacher did not drive in 2009.
#72 - Uke
i went for a midfield driver....
Not enough money for me to get a full decent setup.

Will have to go risky for this one.
Buemi, Trulli, Toro Rosso, Toro Rosso, Total

F1 Race Manager 2011 Browser Game
(253 posts, started )