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How are your parking skills?
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How are your parking skills?
I'm a driving instructor and one of the courses our students do is a closed circuit parking course where they're practicing their parking skills.

So I was playing around with the autocross editor and got the "super bright idea" ( illepall ) of recreating the layout of the closed circuit. Then I added the starting line, checkpoints and the finish line and......voilà!

Check out the picture to get an idea for the general layout.

Lemme give you a general walkthru of the closed circuit.

First, you have a 45* forward parking spot, so just get in there. Then back out the same way you came in.

Then then go towards the next spot which is a left hand side, 90* forward parking (CP1). Drive in, then back out, again towards the way you came from.

Next one is a 90* reverse on the right hand side so just back into it. Then go forward and turn left to go past the next parking spot.

This one is a 45* reverse (CP2). Go in, get out and go towards the next one.

Now you're at the right hand side parallel (in reverse of course!) so back into it.

Next one is a simulated parking besides the sidewalk, so you just want to try and get close to the green cones. There's a checkpoint here as well (CP3). Once you're done, go to the next one.

Another 90* in reverse. Back into it in reverse as usual and then go forward, slightly to the right, around the last parking spot.

The final one is a parallel on the left hand side, again in reverse and the finish checkpoint is in there.

It's pretty simple in real life, but the lack of stereo vision really shows when you try and do it in the game.

After a few quick runs, I can do it in about 1min 30seconds

BTW, it's on the Blackwood carpark.
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Quote from rancid :
It's pretty simple in real life, but the lack of stereo vision really shows when you try and do it in the game.

After a few quick runs, I can do it in about 1min 30seconds

What car?

I did it in 1:07.74, although my instructor would've killed me had I done a handbrake 90 degree left forward parking manouvre in his car

i did it in the XR
I like it. Going to try it out later.
anybody else remember the parking challenge we had in S1? it was just a simple timed run into a tight parking space but the competition was fierce!

methinks somebody should sort a proper comp out again, that was fun!
Thank you this will help with my licance testing . Now all I need is a wheel that has massive amounts of force feed back to simulate steering with a small steering wheel on a front heavy car with 9inch wide front tyres.
funny. i lost the challenge.

FPVaaron, i shrunk my sig>
You had a great idea.. And thanks for the explanation about the driving classes... I live in brazil and here the driving test is mad! You just have to park and back to a garagge... then go around a litte bit... Now the worst think: YOU CAN ONLY TRY ONCE PER 15 DAYS.
You can cheat... i did a 19.86 =D (XFG)
Nice 2 year bump...considering you can't even use layouts
Nice idea! Here in Portugal we don't have that xD neither do we have learning circuits. We do everything raw on the streets :P But its good for practicing neways, thanks!
A big :bump:

Could someone please update this?
Nice idea!
Let me try later.

How are your parking skills?
(14 posts, started )