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Back to life!
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Back to life!
LOTA members:

Recently, the League of the Americas has experienced a period of inactivity due to issues outside of sim-racing. LOTA has had a loyal following over the years and this inactivity has been a disservice to that loyalty.

I want to personally apologize for not only the league's inactivity, but also for my lack of communication on the matter. That said, I am happy to announce that I am prepared to bring LOTA back to life with a new season of racing starting soon! We had planned a GP/GP2 season a while back and we'll be doing just that in the upcoming weeks. I am working through some server availabilty issues right now, but once that is complete, we'll be back in business.

In the meantime, I encourage those are looking to help revive LOTA to come back to the forums and visit the LFS server for some GP discussion and practice. We'll host an organized GP/GP2 test race this coming Thrusday, November 4th, at 9:30 PM EST. More details will be posted about this test race very soon.

Once again, I want to thank each of LOTA's loyal members for waiting through this inactivity and extend my invitation to come back and make LOTA even stronger as we move forward.


Lee Baker
League Official - League of the Americas
I would be interested, day and time?
Well it's not going to be Tuesday mornings is it...?
To be slightly less bitchy, LOTA main series are generally held on Thursday nights, 9pm Eastern time. In the past there have been Monday night series, and in the more distant past there have been Sunday night events.
Boothy don't do "slightly less bitchy"
#8 - Zay
Yes, happy to hear this, definately gonna race again this season...
Just a suggestion, but why not do saturday night races. On weekends most people stay up later. or maybe friday nights? anyway, I dunno if this would interfere with some other people, but like I said, just a suggestion. And, PLEASE, no morning races!
Quote from banshee56 :Thrusday, November 4th, at 9:30 PM EST

Still a go? Track? Format?

Very cool!
All of the info for Thursday's race will be posted this evening, both here and on the LOTA forums. It will be GP & GP2 together on a fairly wide open track (maybe AS3 or KY2).
Signed up for the iR test race.
#13 - Zay
Do we need to sign up? where?
There's another test race this week, Thursday the 11th @ 9:30pm est. Come sign up and join us.
is it t0o late to race in this league?
Not too late, but it seems like there were only 8 people to sign up for it and it almost seems to be in hiatus again. All we've done so far is a couple of test races to check the car balancing. Not sure when it will actually start at this point, but feel free to go to the website linked in the first post to sign up and keep tabs on things.

Back to life!
(17 posts, started )