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Hungarian Language Pack
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#1 - kalmi
Hungarian Language Pack
Hi Everybody,

Here is the Hungarian Language Pack!
- in-game and help texts (only available via Translation Viewer page)
- training lessons
- keyboard shortcuts (PDF)
- additional documentation for autocross editor and a guide of commands


Translations for new versions are attached below. See the latest posts.

Please post suggestions and questions about the translation in the following thread:
Hungarian translation - problems & suggestions
... or simply send a private message for me at this forum.

You can view and download the current state of translation at the following page:
LFS Public Translations Viewer

Hungarian Live for Speed forum and community:
Hi kalmi - I will add this to my patch folder now.

If you have any updates to the main file or help file, please put them in the online system and I'll get them. Any other files, post here and I'll get a notification.

Can I put you name in the credits, as it appears in the translation file?

#3 - kalmi
Scawen >
I have updated the pack (and now added the keys pdf) for patch U.

About the notification: when I edit/update a previous post (in this case the first post) you also get a notification? (or I have to always create a new post for "generate" a notification like this post)
Thanks. I've put the update in my folder for the next patch (whenever that may be).

I only get a mail notification on a new post, not on an edit.
#5 - kalmi
Scawen >
I have updated a whole pack. Now it is PATCH U16 READY.
- fix: keys_Hungarian.pdf upadted (table glitches corrected)
- add: Autocross editor translation
- add: Commands translation (95% translated)
- upd: Hungarian.lng (U16) (I will upload into translator page)

(attachment removed - see new below)
Thanks Kalmi.

I have unzipped it to my patch folder. Please post here again if you have any more changes.

(But don't post if you have only changed the main language file and help file - I will get all changes from the online translation system before every patch).
#7 - kalmi
Oops.. Today I corrected some grammar errors and made some translation.
(Previous upload removed.)
OK - i got it again.
kalmi, nem tom te melyiket veszed, de én biztos voltam benne, hogy a "célbaért" helyett "célba ért" kell, de azért utána néztem (nehogy baj legyen belőle), és ezt találtam:

98%(22000)célba ért
0%(1)céllba ért

egyébként grat a pdf fordításokhoz!

will someone delete it??? i cant find the del button here
Scawen >
update: PATCH U18
Too short to translate : 3g_cfg_reve REV
I need least 7 chars.
Scawen, can you remember my mail about I18N/L10N ?

(attachment removed)
Thanks, I got your updated translations. By the way, you never have to post your help file and main translation file, not for me anyway, because I get them from the online system before every patch.

I've noted your request for the 3g_cfg_rev line.

But I don't know what "I18N/L10N" is, sorry I can't find your mail.
Scawen >
Ok. Main and help files are excluded from update package.
In future I will upload two files:
- for you, this file contains only docs and lessons.
- for language testers, this file contains only main and help texts.

Update and main packs are attached.

Please extend the length of 3g_x_x_mile by 2 characters. (3g_x_x_mile %s : %.1f mérföld)



You asked me what is "I18N/L10N". I am certain that you know what are these:
These are abbreviations : I18N = Internationalization L10N = Localization.
Programmers are sometimes too lazy to write too long words...
... and several months ago: "What holds the rctPnts[] array??"

Back to the subject:
In a mail I wrote some things about I18N, I found it in C++Builder's help: (I hope I will not violate copyrights)

"English text is almost always shorter than its translations. Design the elements of your user interface that display text so that there is room for the text strings to grow."
"Avoid abbreviations—they do not exist in languages that use ideographic characters."
"Short strings tend to grow in translation more than long phrases.

Length of English string (in characters) / Expected increase
1-5 / 100%
6-12 / 80%
13-20 / 60%
21-30 / 40%
31-50 / 20%
over 50 / 10%"

Yes. I know it is made for app programmers, not for game makers, but I think it is useful when you design an UI.

(attachment removed)
Thanks - I have downloaded the Hungarian update file. And I have added 4 characters to the x_mile_x and similar strings (in my version - not uploaded yet - I don't know when U20 will be ready).
Small changes/corrections (autocross,commands,ingame,help)

(attachment removed)
Included in U20 :up:
Scawen >
Here is the update package for U23.
And on-line translation is updated also.
(attachment removed - see new below)
Got it - thanks! :up:
will be there a language pack for dedicated hosts too?
Dedicated hosts no longer have languages supplied with them.

But it's easy to install a language on the dedicated host if you want to.

1) Create a data\language folder.
2) Copy your Language.txt file in there (from your client version).
3) Exit from your dedicated host.
4) Edit cfg.txt find the line Language and enter your language there (replace English).
Update for PATCH U30. In-game texts and documentation files are updated.
Note for language testers: please download booth files.

(attachment removed - see new below)
Kalmi, why dont you want to try to translate the wikis? secondly, you wrote that you want to know that how many ppl will take a look on that. you want to make different translation, if there will be 10 and 100?
About Wikipedia: Look, I never said “I don't want”. I think you should read again my posts in Hungarian forum.
Of course the number of users does not have affect on quality of translation. (Not directly.) But more people can see more mistakes, and they submit more suggestions. This works like open source projects.

Sorry about the huge late, but I can't spend any time for LFS, especially in examination period.
Scawen >
Update package for V2.
Updates/fixes in: In-game text, help, lessons and commands.
(attachment removed - see new below)
Scawen >
Here is the latest update pack for V8.
Please add this into your patch folder.


(attachment removed - see new below)

Hungarian Language Pack
(32 posts, started )