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Hungarian Language Pack
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Thanks, I have done that.
Hi Scawen,

Here is the "long awaited" update.
Some S2 training lessons are missing. Maybe I will upload them in July.

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Thanks, I have extracted that to my test patch folder.
Hi Scawen,

Here is the latest update pack as I promised to Victor: (based on patch Z32)
- some new lessons
- updated autocross.txt
- updated commands.txt
- updated keys.pdf (remade with LibreOffice/ Writer, more aesthetic)

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Hi Kalmi.

Thank you for the update pack - I've now put it in my patch folder. Sorry I did not notice it until now, I must have missed the post notification.

I just had a look in game - I noticed something in the file Aston Overtaking - Race About_Hungarian.txt - it is half translated and half not. I thought I'd better mention this in case you missed it.
Hi Scawen,
I am back again!
Sorry, as I see I missed your last post here, but I would like to thank you for noticing an unfinished translation.
Some weeks ago I blew off the dust from my S2 folder. (Maybe I had a presentiment of the upcoming patch. :-) )
So I updated almost the whole language pack:
- I updated the commands.txt and the autocross.txt under \docs
- I finished the remaining lessons.

And a new thing: Victor put on live the Hungarian translations of yesterday. Smile
Good to see the progress, new site, redesigned track of Westhill and new features.
Congrats to each of you!
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Hi Kalmi, thank you for this. I have added it to my patch folder.

Sorry I missed it before. There was a forum bug that made me miss a lot of post notifications but Victor has fixed it now!

Hungarian Language Pack
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