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Hungarian translation - problems & suggestions
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Hungarian translation - problems & suggestions
Hi, I found an error in the hungarian translation (Magyar) in LFS.

On the screen Képernyő in Beállítások (Screen in Options) the second option is: "Az egér a képernyőn belül mard CTRL+C". "mard" means nothing in hungarian. Change it to "marad". And I suggest that the CTRL+C should be in brackets.

(I know, I live in Slovakia, but I'm hungarian!)

EDIT: Another thing there: On the left "Bill hozzárendelés" should be "Billentyű hozzárendelése". Thanks.
#2 - kalmi
Hi MandulAA,
Sorry about the huge late. I can't remember exactly, but I think I didn't noticed your post in the past. I have already corrected the first issue, it was a simple typo. Occasionally I used to do a full spell check with LibreOffice on the whole translation.
( And I think it doesn't really matter where you live ;-) )
You mentioned a second isssue:
On the right side of the "Screen" options screen I have to use an abbreviated word, because the "Billenyű hozzárendelése (SHIFT +)" text is too long. Maybe I can ask Scawen to extend the length of this field (3a_keyshpls). But I think the abbreviated form is also unambiguous.

There is an another and a bit older thread, named as Hungarian Language Pack. In the past it was hard to reach that thread with the old forum engine, because it was hidden by default (because the last comment was too old). Usually I use that thread to submit update packages for Scawen.
Now we have two thread with similar subjects. May I ask you to rename this thread?
For example: "Hungarian translation - problems & suggestions" or something similar?
In the future I dont want to bother Scawen with similar discussions like this.

Hungarian translation - problems & suggestions
(2 posts, started )