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NickC racing career ( photo's )
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#1 - NickC
NickC racing career ( photo's )
Hello all,

I already made this post at my teams website but thought it was fun to do it here aswell. I saw ducky made a post bout his racing and i don't think everybody is aware of what i do besides racing LFS so i thought "let's make one myself"

I started racing when i was 15. I took part in Bleekemolens racing school and when i was 16 i got my licence and did my first endurance races in a seat ibiza diesel.

And i did ALOT of drifting to train my car control. Even did some competition drifting later on.

After the endurance racing the team wanted me to take part in the biggest (small) dutch events. During al the major Dutch championships. I took part in the Seat Ibiza Cup
I was Vice champion in my first season. Well vice champion is just a nice word for being 2nd :P

Because i came in 2nd some people became interested and asked me to test Formula Ford. Everything went quite well and i signed with GEVA racing to race in the dutch formula ford.

Like i said the test went "quite" well

I won the championship and became dutch and benelux champion. I also took part in the world final at brands hatch. I won all the heats and the semi final but came in 4th in the final (behind people i already beat in the semi's)

In between all this i raced in several 24hour races ( barcelona 3 times, Dubai 1 time )

That was dubai btw :P

After the formula fords i drove the Formula Renault for two years in the NEC championship. The first season was quite good, i came in 6th. After that season i made the wromg team choice, i should have gone to another team to learn different things but i stayed with the same team ( budget issues ) and came in 8th.

It's a tough sport sometimes

This year i did my first year in the Megane trophy during the amazing World Series by Renault weekends. I got some good results in the races that i finished. But i only finished 5 out of 14 races . So the season was really bad. After the season i did some testing with another team and for next year all is looking great.

In between i did some guest races in the dutch gt4 in a ginetta G50. I inmediatly won and it was the first victory for that car. Think that was the best thing of 2009 for me. Because the Dutch Gt4 is quite high level for dutch standards.

Formula ford promo movie

Movie of Megane at Le mans ( damp track with slicks ) ... M3qkA&feature=related

free prac with Ginetta ... y75b0&feature=related

Race with ginetta ( which i won ) rear view part 1 ... in3Ag&feature=related

Part 2 ... CwWzE&feature=related

There is so much more to tell but this topic is already to big
Will keep posting things concerning my racing
Nice photos and good luck, did it hurt? (crashes)
#3 - Jakg
Jealousy does not even come close to describing my current emotion.
Nice one!

I enjoy these kind of posts. Nice read.

Well done.
Already read this at SR's forums, but nice write-up anyway! Keep it up

What are your plans for the future? Megane again in 2010?
Quote from Jakg :Jealousy does not even come close to describing my current emotion.


Seriously though Nick, you've done very well for yourself and all I can say is good luck for the bright future I'm sure you have ahead of you!
Quote from jakg :jealousy does not even come close to describing my current emotion.

#8 - NickC
Quote from chanoman315 :Nice photos and good luck, did it hurt? (crashes)

Haha yeah some of the crashes did hurt actually. But i got lucky all the times. Once been in the hospital for a checkup ( neck etc ) but nothing special. Just a painfull neck and walking like robocop for two weeks.

Quote from GreyBull [CHA] :Already read this at SR's forums, but nice write-up anyway! Keep it up

What are your plans for the future? Megane again in 2010?

I already signed my contract for TDS racing in the Mégane trophy again. In my opinion the best team in the league. First test will at nogaro mid march and then the official testing in end of march. Motorland aragon 2 days and valencia 2 days.
Wow, great stuff Nick, best of luck in the future!
Motorsport is all about the money Even with skill you might not get to drive anywhere so lucky dude =)
Quote from iFastLT :+1


First scott and now you...........Nice going man keep it up.
Those formula fords look so fun.

Love these topics. Hopefully some more RL racers will post up thier stuff.
Nice stuff, i was watching ur race at Spa in the meganes on TV
Nice winnings(and some hard crashes and wrecks) you've got there. I wish you the best luck in the future,I'll hope you'll move to even bigger leagues,like F3!
Nice. Good luck in the future and a lot of money. Motorsport is about the money.
How to make a small fortune racing - Start with a large one.

Your career looks to be progressing very well. Congrats'
Great stuff Nick, good luck with it!
#18 - 5haz
Very good innings.
I am very jealous...
Very nice career so far, well done!

Make sure to talk about LFS when Williams hire you as a test drive, or else some forumers might get pissed off!
Said it on SR already but great Stuff Nick, best of luck
Very impressive history, good luck for the future
Good Luck and try to keep the cars in one piece
Great stuff!! Good luck in the future and keep us updated!!

NickC racing career ( photo's )
(145 posts, started )