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Impressions III
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Impressions III

hey there,

more than two years after my Impressions II movie, I finally finished a continuation: Impressions III.

download, 149.5 MB <- direct download! (big thanks to fel) <- direct download! (big thanks to turbofreak)


thanks to Pearcy, Karolis and Blixten for giving me the replays I requested - you'll find your clips in here

edit: I added a ddl link, finally
edit2: and another one ... rapidshare link should be dispensable now

Reminds me of Why i play
wonderful work jens, some scenes really blew me away
#4 - hp999
The last scene was really awsome,FOX's doing what they shouldn't do! Favourited and 5 starred.
Nice job as always Jens But some of the replays must've been quite old as I saw some of my really old CD skins in there.
Nice job jens
#7 - BAMBO
Your best so far, Jens I really loved the song and the way it timed with the movie. Keep it up
#8 - Foqs
As always great, Jens
Nice vid. jens.
sum real close racing dere'
Nice movie, nice moments !
I Remember the awesome Pearcy Pass
thanks for the feedback! .. and wow, you guys are quick with the comments, today

Quote from CrAZySkyPimp :But some of the replays must've been quite old as I saw some of my really old CD skins in there.

yep I didn't race lately, most replays are from summer 09, some are even older. just checked my last online race info, it's from 3rd of october .. so after that I didn't save any replays
Awesome video, I really like it.
I love that spdo pass in T1 @ South City Goooood job Pearcy
Very nice Job
Nice vid, packed of good action.
Great vid, and fab camerawork
As always, a brilliant, pure racing video. Almost inspirational!
Really nice
Nice takeing some other movies here from the forum

Your best job!
Great work!

And I saw myself in it!

No but really. I like it very much, simply because of its simplicity. Not like other videos where because of the effects and all that crazy shizzle, its hard to see whats really going on. This however, shows the true side of LFS and shows whats it really like.

Great one.
I was sad the vid ended.


Pure racing once again...
I just love Jens videos, they are full of nice racing!!

great great video :crown:

me wants a more videos
Great video mate Good action all the way through and the ended made me
Very well done! I really liked it, and I think the music fit good
#24 - Zay
Best LFS video ive ever seen.
Great job. 5 stared.
Nice video, definitely worth downloading straight away.

One small tip though, in Options -> Misc turn off "Multiplayer speedup option" when recording. I saw a few MRT5s pop in and I *think* that was caused by the MP speedup option which doesn't draw cars until they're almost completely on screen.

Impressions III
(60 posts, started )