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Download Others Skins from LFSWorld
My only suggestion that I haven't already seen in here is just an option to make car and helmet skins publically downloadable to either people on your buddy list or the entire community in 1024 or 512 resolution. There's a group of about a dozen people that I tend to run series with, and it would be nice to be able to get their high-res paintjobs (a couple of them are really talented, as opposed to me ).

Edit: As soon as I posted this, one of the related threads was an almost identical suggestion. Oh well.
That happens a lot around here. Maybe this thread can turn into one bashing workplaces that only play commerical "hits n memories" stations on the radio...coz I'm getting bloody sick of Bryan Adams, the Fine Young Cannibals and Toto, goddammit! And I don't have admin privileges to change the station!

Anyway, you can already automatically grab skins in-game (or via replays if you have a slow connection). Hell, just email each other already!
#3 - Chaos
The thread with the suggestion > LINK
the only thing you can do, is mail everybody, so that they send you the skins via email...
Email - of course! Why didn't I think of that?
I know that's the current best solution, I just thought that having it available on LFSWorld would be a better option, hence the suggestion
I'd like to download at high res too, it would be nice to up the quality of the graphics a little bit as LFS can look a bit bland compared to what my system *could* do, if my system played anything other than LFS at the minute that is...