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#1 - SamH
Improvement - Replay camera limitations
I'm trying to create a video from a replay and hitting a big problem. The camera's rotation is being limited by the mouse cursor, which is invisible, hitting the edge of the screen. Most of the time, I can work with it, but at the moment I'm trying to do some motion recording, and I can't do it smoothly. I have to let off the right mouse button, shift the invisible mouse pointer back across the screen, right-click and get back to moving the camera. It's not the end of the world, but it could definitely be a bit more friendly.

Also, since I'm posting on it anyway, some ability to tilt the camera as well would definitely go down a storm.

#2 - axus
+1 - I noticed this a while back and posted somewhere about it - I think it was one of the test patch threads.
For tilting the camera, er, try the other mouse button .
#4 - SamH
Quote from mrodgers :For tilting the camera, er, try the other mouse button .

Tried it.. doesn't do it. Or am I missing something?

Left button moves the camera up the track.. you can drag the pavement towards or away, essentially. Right-click pans the camera left/right, up/down. I can't find a combination for tilting, though.. rotating on the Z axis, I guess you could call it.