The online racing simulator
man **** NFS shift its goin to be far less cool then forza 3..

End of story
Plastic cars woohoo!
Awesome, just awesome.

Should please the Aussies
Quote from danowat :Awesome, just awesome.

Should please the Aussies

Just the Aussies?! I wanted V8 Supercars too! C'mon, Bathurst!

(IMO, NASCAR should be like V8 Supercars, just with muscle cars instead of saloons)
Goddamn it Turn 10! Teasing us like this just ins't fair

Is it bad that I am considering booking a day or two off work for when this is released?
No, I am planning a sickie for the day of release already!!!!.

Seeing as I rarely have a day off sick (2 in the last 3 years) I think I deserve it!!!
This game just keeps getting better and better, Cant wait, Some really nice cars atm , 63 days to go!! LOL
At least the new shots look more like they're proper in-game ones. The colours are slightly faded and the reflections are less pronounced. Still hoping that the tracks feel a little more alive than FM2, but even that wasn't a big problem when you're actually racing.
Quote from mutt107 :corvette ZR1 09 that car looks amazing!
EDIT: new pics!

f*ck yeah theyve included the sexyest lambo ever:jawdrop: i need this game
Quote from lukelfs :Video of someguy drifitng, ... fting-on-Monza_702143.htm, Seems kinda the same as forza 2, Doesnt look any different tbh..
Kinda sucks, Using Automatic and 270* instead of 720/900*?

A video can always give wrong impressions...

But look at how he is turning the steering wheel. Maybe it's just me, but somehow it looks a lot like what i've seen from Forza 2 videos with the old MS wheel. It looks like the wheel just acts as a joypad.

When people started demanding G25 support in Forza 2, the final answer was something along the lines of... It wouldn't be possible to have real force feedback on the xbox, and that the MS wheel is basically a joypad that looks like a steering wheel, etc. So when i've heard about the Fanatec wheel support, i wasn't getting very excited. How should a wheel fix the xbox from not being capable of real force feedback?

Forza will always remain a joypad type of game for me. I'd love to play it with the G25 (or any similar wheel) and proper force feedback, but it won't happen anytime soon.

PS: And why should it look much different than Forza 2?
Hard to tell, but it doesn't look like Monza to me (where are all the trees?). Then again, i only drove Monza in FC and SBK09.

The guy filming could have focused on the player anyway, instead of filming the crowd watching him.
Didn't look like Monza to me either.
That was the suzuka esses in reverse I think.
The devil is in the details

(don't think these uncompressed, unwatermarked, shots have been posted before)
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Quote from danowat :The devil is in the details

(don't think these uncompressed, unwatermarked, shots have been posted before)

cruise control hmmmmm i wonder
Not a big fan of "tuners", but, looks tasty....
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Those car models are looking immense. There seems to be sooo much detail in them.
Yeah, certainly does look very detailed, theres info coming out daily now, a couple of ropey dash shots, but you get the idea of the details.

Supra, Lancia Stratos and Reventon.
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Quote from danowat :Not a big fan of "tuners", but, looks tasty....

Comparing them to the same car in Forza 2... Wow, looks amazing.

Forza 3 is looking to be something special. Roll on October.
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You certainly can see the difference when you compare 2 with 3
Those cockpit shots show off some nice detail on the tracks as well.

Forza Motorsports 3
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