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LFS Educational Movies
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convert them into bink videos and implement them ingame pls
I think it will be nice to put this movies also on YouTube.
Great videos guys!! now if Elara would get off their asses and send me my gfx card and wheel Id be laughing
Great video. Good job. Very useful seeing how other drive and also getting some tips on what to do. I think i need to work on my checking left and right cos I have been finding it a little hard to check and drive properly at the same time.

Practice I guess.
Excellent videos! Thanks for taking the time to do them for the rest of us.
Should links to my track guides go in here do you think?
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I love it
fantastic work, the overtake video was fantastic.. you are a great driver also I hope to be half as good one day.
Nice idea they should be on youtube ore something

verry useful to new lfs playes
nice work!
well done
Can you make some movies teaching drifting techniques with all the types of cars (FWD, 4WD, RWD)?
The last movie was particularly good. As I am rarely able to stay out of other drivers paths, I prefer not to race online. Though it is so much more fun online, that is until you cheese someone off with bad driving
Thanks for these vids. Im new to LFS and serious online racing, and there were some nice common sense things in there that i just possibly wouldnt have considered, but now will!
Great work buddy
Wonder if you can handle a drift video
How do I watch these? I click on a movie and all I get is Windows Media Player with some weird graphics and an engine sound.
You need a codec. I'd assume Xvid or DivX, you could install those, or simply get VLC, which is a media player that basically plays every codec imaginable.
thanks for this...

Another thank you!
Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Helps us newbies greatly!

Very helpful
you change your gears very fast, if i shift like that it burns the clutch out ?
you did all that work for n00bs? lol
#99 - Dpb
Nice! Even tho im a licensed driver IRL this where nice to watch anyhow.
Great Video,
I like the Video about OVERTAKING, so Racers can learn something how to do it !
Most Times you haven't enought Time to watch the Mirrows, also me !

LFS Educational Movies
(130 posts, started )