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Nice review-video btw Gelin.
Quote from KennyGTT :It really was a great race. With hard but fair driving. Hopefully we can have a C-final next time.

We had a C-Final 2 rounds ago IIRC. We need atleast 13 drivers to make it a C-Final.
*Never Mind*
Hello racers, big news about the 12th round (December). We will run the race on S2, and here are details:

* 2 Day event with 3 quals on friday and 3 on Saturday with finals.
* XFG/XRG on Fe6 REV
* 20+ Drivers
* Extra price

And so on.. To get the best driver this year. But you cannot just join the same day. You will have to send an comfirmation E-Mail to me that you want to drive. Just write your name or Racername in an E-Mail that you want to drive the 12th round so i know how many we will be. The E-Mail is [email protected] . The last day you can do this is the 1/12 (1st December) if you have not registered you will not drive.

Regards Gelin
Hello Racers! I hope you're having a fantastic summer out there! Our small summer-break is (finally?) over! Tomorrow (Saturday) @ 19:00 GMT its time for some racing again! At the server "[AA] All Around Rally" (New name only). If there is a pass you know it, the opposite to "Beggining". 21:00 CET (Swedish time anyway) its time, the usual time! See you all i hope!

Hallo Racers! Now another round is done. Round 7. This was an awesome round with action all the way through. 3 drivers were the favourites to win this event. Max, Gelin or Napolean. Gelins chances of winning went away in the B-Final. He breafly had the lead before crashing out in a start accident. Max finnished 2nd in it. Napolean was turned around in the A-Final but could recover to 3rd. Won did Ari after a big battle with Ezon and Mosseman.

6.Nilsson (Retired)

6.Gelin (Retired)


Championship standings after round 7/12
1.Max 59pts
2.Domisz 52pts
3.Gelin 50pts
4.Napolean 49pts
5.Terje 36pts
6.Woox 34pts
7.ARI 30pts
8.Trond 29pts
9.Boost 28pts
10.Driver GR 24pts
11.Turbonetic 20pts
12.Mosseman 19pts
13.Bagander 17pts
14.Hyttinen 16pts
15.Barn 16pts
16.Netinkietepas 15pts
17.Blixt 14pts
18.KennyGTT 13pts
19.Sam 10pts
20.Duffis 9pts
21.Ezon 8pts
22.Rönnefjäll 6pts
23.Lernerud 6pts
24.Jessica 6pts
25.Nilsson 6pts
26.Iran Persian 5pts
27.lvlo 3pts
28.Buster 3pts
29.Fiat850TC 3pts
30.Digital 2pts
31.Rauurosaur 2pts
32.Ralph 1pt
33.Laprevotte 1pt

Next race: Saturday August 8th (Round 8)

See you all!


The 8th round wich is supposed to be runned 8/8 has been pushed back to 7/8 (Friday) at the usual time. 24 hours earlier to be more presice! Friday 7/8 19:00 UTC @ [AA] All Around Rally.

See you!
Welcome to Round 8 tomorrow at the same time as usual. 21:00 Swedish time at [AA] All Around Rally.

See you!

don't forget the race tonight!

ok, good that the race is tonight. If it was tomorrow, it was not possible for me.
Hello Racers! The 8th round of the cup is over. Before i write a review i would like to tell the racers a few words. There was alot of fights and quite a mess at the race tonight. And it's not acceptable! Some drivers has recived a warning, and some are banned from the cup. None of the top-fighters recived a warning or got banned. Shape up, if you want this cup to live on! Now to the race! It was the roughest and toughest race in the history! 15points wasnt enough for the final, only 1/2 15 pointers made it, and it was Gelin. Max was 3rd in the B-Final and Gelin ending A-Final 6th after retireing with engine-faliure. Domisz ended the A-Final 3rd, to close up on the top 3! Won did Hising, one of the banned members. Ari finnished 2nd, and gets closer to the top too!


2.Ari (Runner Up)
6.Gelin (Retired)

2.TPC Kujanpää (Runner Up)
6.Johansson (Retired)

1.TPC Kujanpää
4.Elvis Presley (No, not THAT elvis!)
5.Raulsuur (Black)

Standing After Round 8/12
1.Max 62pts
2.Domisz 62pts
3.Gelin 58pts
4.Napolean 49pts
5.ARI 46pts
6.Terje 36pts
7.Woox 34pts
8.Trond 29pts
9.Boost 28pts
10.Driver GR 24pts
11.Blixt 22pts
12.Hising 20pts (Banned)
13.Turbonetic 20pts
14.Mosseman 19pts
15.Bagander 17pts
16.Hyttinen 16pts
17.Barn 16pts
18.KennyGTT 15pts
19.Netinkietepas 15pts
20.Sam 10pts
21.Lag 10pts
22.Duffis 9pts
23.Ezon 8pts
24.Nilsson 6pts
25.Rönnefjäll 6pts
26.Jessica 6pts
27.Lernerud 6pts
28.Kujanpää K 5pts (Maeby Banned)
29.Iran Persian 5pts
30.lvlo 3pts
31.Buster 3pts
22.Fiat850TC 3pts
33.Digital 2pts
34.Rauurosaur 2pts
35.Ralph 1pt
36.Laprevotte 1pt
37.Lundsten 1pt

Next Race: Saturday 19 September, Same time, Same server!
Good series! Keep going!
This may not be the right place to post this but dont know other ways how to contact with [AA] members... So, i was playing today in your rallycross server (airattack #2) and i got banned without a reason. I was having some connection problems and once i was back i was kicked out of the server. Now i cant join anymore. This is sad since i like your server and i will ALWAYS play fair as possible. So is there any change to get back in your server? Hint for that who banned me... Maybe some warning before you ban? Its REALLY noobish to kick/ban like that. PS. I use nickname )(Scud)(
(Gelin SWE) DELETED by Gelin SWE
Well, Scud, I can see who banned you, it was one of our limited admins (aka limads). I cannot say what was the cause, but surely you should be always in some way warned first, told where you're going wrong, and only then banned if necessary. We'll watch the one who banned you a bit closer and also correct his ways if not appropriate. As for the ban itself, it will expire in some 6-8 hours, so let's leave it as it is. In the morning you can connect again. If you experience any more troubles, best way to post them is site, Club Forums, LFS section.
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On saturday it's time again for round 9 of the championship.

Server: [AA] All Around Rally
Time: 19:00 UTC (21:00 Swedish time, 22:00 Finnish/Estonian/Russian time)

I'm nott 100% about the times but 19:00 UTC is right. You can see the UTC time in LFS.

See you there!

Yes it was. For all who waits for the results it will be up tomorrow. I've had a long day and are out of battery power. Tomorrow afternoon it will be up. Thanks for waiting and good race!


Hello there all racers! We just finnished the 9th round of the 2009 AARC. There were a couple fights out there and always some nice racing. Max, one of the championship contender could not start due to internet issues. Gelin, the other championship contender was eleminated in the B-Final and could only score one point. The other 2 totally owned the race and finnished 1st and 2nd with Domisz winning and Napolean 2nd. In 3rd came NeTinkietePas and the Wildcard Kenny in 4th.

After 3 heats:
Domisz 7 5 7 19 A
Napolean 5 7 4 16 A
Kujanpää 7 5 4 16 A
Kenny 4 3 7 14 A
NeTinkietePas 4 7 3 14 A
Holmström 3 3 7 13 B
Johansson 5 5 3 13 B
Duffis 7 4 2 13 B
Mosseman 3 4 5 12 B
EQ Worry 4 2 5 11 B
Gelin 4 3 4 11 C
Woox 2 7 2 11 C
Frasse 2 3 5 10 C
Hamppori 5 2 3 10 C
Bagander 2 2 0 4 C

5.Kujanpää M
6.Mosseman (Runner-Up)

2.EQ Worry
5.Gelin (Runner-Up)
6.Holmström (Retired)

5.Hamppori (Retired)

Championship Standings After Round 9/12
1.Domisz 82pts
2.Napolean 62pts
3.Max 62pts
4.Gelin 59pts
5.ARI 46pts
6.Terje 36pts
7.Woox 34pts
8.Trond 29pts
9.Netinkietepas 28pts
10.Boost 28pts
11.KennyGTT 25pts
12.Mosseman 25pts
13.Driver GR 24pts
14.Blixt 22pts
15.Hising 20pts
16.Turbonetic 20pts
17.Bagander 17pts
18.Barn 16pts
19.Hyttinen 16pts
20.Duffis 12pts
21.Sam 10pts
22.Lag 10pts
23.Kujanpää M 8pts
24.Ezon 8pts
25.Rönnefjäll 6pts
26.Lernerud 6pts
27.Nilsson 6pts
28.Jessica 6pts
29.Kujanpää K 5pts
30.Iran Persian 5pts
31.EQ Worry 5pts
32.lvlo 3pts
33.Fiat850TC 3pts
34.Buster 3pts
35.Digital 2pts
36.Rauurosaur 2pts
37.Johansson 2pts
38.Ralph 1pt
39.Lundsten 1pt
40.Laprevotte 1pt

Domisz takes over the championship lead and Napolean ar equal with Max and Gelin in 4th.

Next Race: Round 10: October 10th, Same Time, Same Server

See you!
5 days to go to the 10th round of the championship. We're in a crusial race and i'm sure you dont want to miss a bit of the racing! Dont forget it, i hope! Saturday [AA] All Around Rally at the usual time. Q will be answered on PM if you have any.

Some quick reminders:

1: Dont forget round 10 tomorrow, time and server as usual.
2: Dont forget to E-Mail me about your participation in Round 12, an 2-day event on S2 with XRG and XFG on Fe6

3: Plans for 2010 is made. The serie will continue but will be splitted, with different tracks and cars, a full list and calendar will come within the next few weeks, so keep yourself updated.
I can't be there tonight. Something important has come in between and have to skip this round. But make it a good and clean race tonight.
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Hello Racers! We're slowly but surely getting to the end of the 2009 season. Today the 10th round was decided. Domisz came in to this event as the championship leader with the huge gap of 20 points (1 win). The B-Final had the contender Gelin in it, agains come-backing Boost. But the battle was over at the startline as Gelin got a incredible start. He surley won the B-Final and went into A-Final. In A-Final we had Domisz, Mosseman and Napolean in front at the start. Domisz got a very good start and Gelin "starter" once again got a great start. Domisz came out of T1 in 1st ahead of Gelin and Mosseman, but Mosseman could soon grab 2nd and finnish there. Gelin finnished 3rd, with Max and Napolean 4 and 5th. Now Domisz only have to finnish 3rd or better to claim the title at round 11.

After 3 Heats:
Domisz 7 5 5 17 A
Mosseman 5 4 7 16 A
Napolean 5 7 4 16 A
Blixt 3 3 7 13 A
Max 4 4 5 13 A
Boost 7 2 3 12 B
Gelin 3 7 2 12 B
Kujanpää 4 5 0 9 B
Bagander 2 3 3 8 B
EQ Worry 2 0 0 2 B

3.Gelin (Runner-Up)
6.Blixt (Retired)

3.Kujanpää (Retired)
4.Bagander (Retired)
5.EQ Worry (Did Not Start)

Championship standings after Round 10/12
1.Domisz 102pts
2.Max 72pts
3.Gelin 72pts
4.Napolean 70pts
5.ARI 46pts
6.Mosseman 41pts
7.Terje 36pts
8.Woox 34pts
9.Boost 33pts
10.Trond 29pts
11.Blixt 28pts
12.Netinkietepas 28pts
13.KennyGTT 25pts
14.Driver GR 24pts
15.Hising 20pts
16.Turbonetic 20pts
17.Bagander 19pts
18.Hyttinen 16pts
19.Barn 16pts
20.Duffis 12pts
21.Kujanpää M 11pts
22.Sam 10pts
23.Lag 10pts
24.Ezon 8pts
25.EQ Worry 6pts
26.Nilsson 6pts
27.Jessica 6pts
28.Rönnefjäll 6pts
29.Lernerud 6pts
30.Kujanpää K 5pts
31.Iran Persian 5pts
32.Fiat850TC 3pts
33.Buster 3pts
34.lvlo 3pts
35.Digital 2pts
36.Rauurosaur 2pts
37.Johansson 2pts
38.Lundsten 1pt
39.Laprevotte 1pt
40.Ralph 1pt

Next round: Round 11 @ November 28th, be there!

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Over and out, Gelin
small suggestion. could we know who won the last heat A final one ?
im a nub i red the thing after i posted
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