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Hello, as we speak 14 drivers has annouced. That leaves 16 spots left. Only 1 Airattack member is annouced yet though. I'm currently waiting for following drivers:

Domisz (If you can get hold of an S2 account)

If you dont want to drive it i understand it, but i hope you will, would be lots of fun!

mist my name there
Sorry or whatever.
i mean put my name down there NOW LOL
The maximum ammount of drivers at the December-Race is highed from 30 to 42.

Dont forget the race tomorrow! I almost did. 20:00 UTC at [AA] All Around Rally, demo race. If you are unsure of the time just show up whatever:45 and check it. Please forward the information to as many as you can.

Helloooo racers! We have a world chamion! BIG congratulations do Domisz who finally made it! Here is the story. As neither Napolean or Max made it to the start it was up to Gelin to keep the title dreams alive going into round 12. He qualifyed to B-Final while Domisz made it to A-Final. Gelin had to win B to have a chance and he also led after ½ laps. But some bad luck only saw him finnish 4th. Domisz then was champion finnishing 2nd in A-Final. Drive of the day was Buster, unbeaten in the qual heats and won the A-Final.


Buster 7 7 7 21 A
Domisz 4 5 7 16 A
Holmström 3 5 7 15 A
Andro Multivan 4 7 4 15 A
Qvist 7 5 3 15 A
Isaac 5 4 5 14 B
KennyGTT 7 3 4 14 B
Gelin 3 3 5 13 B
DriverGR 5 7 0 12 B
Swat 4 3 5 12 B
Basse 5 4 2 11 C
Elvis 2 4 4 10 C
Ice Man 3 2 3 8 C

3.Swat (Runner Up)
5.Andro Multivan

6.Basse (Runner Up)

3.Ice Man (Retired)

Championship standings after Round 11/12
1.Domisz 118pts
2.Gelin 74pts
2.Max 72pts
4.Napolean 70pts
5.ARI 46pts
6.Mosseman 41pts
7.Terje 36pts
8.Woox 34pts
9.Boost 33pts
10.Trond 29pts
11.Blixt 28pts
12.KennyGTT 28pts
13.Netinkietepas 28pts
14.Driver GR 25pts
15.Buster 23pts
16.Hising 20pts
17.Turbonetic 20pts
18.Bagander 19pts
19.Hyttinen 16pts
20.Barn 16pts
21.Swat 13pts
22.Fiat850TC 13pts
23.Duffis 12pts
24.Kujanpää M 11pts
25.Log 10pts
26.Sam 10pts
27.Andro Multivan 8pts
28.Ezon 8pts
29.Lernerud 6pts
30.Rönnefjäll 6pts
31.Nilsson 6pts
32.Qvist 6P
33.EQ Worry 6pts
34.Jessica 6pts
35.Kujanpää K 5pts
36.Isaac 5pts
37.Iran Persian 5pts
38.lvlo 3pts
39.Johansson 2pts
40.Rauurosaur 2pts
41.Digital 2pts
42.Lundsten 1pt
43.Laprevotte 1pt
44.Ralph 1pt

Next race: December 18-19th (S2)

Annouce yourself to: [email protected]

None-Annoucers will not be allowed to drive


#84 - lvlo
nice - i'm not last at all
Quote from lvlo :nice - i'm not last at all

38th isnt the best position iguess.
#86 - lvlo

just take a sum of 3 and 8 - it will give you 11 which is damn double of the same 1. so, i have two first places :P

It probably took you 5 hours to count that out huh? :P
Dont forget to annouce to round 12! Currently 2 days still to annouce then it's too late! Domisz, Hamppori and Isaac from VCL is the only non-swedish drivers at the moment i think. So annouce yourself and help Me, Domisz and Hamppori to represent Airattack in this huge event with 31 drivers so far.
Round 12 is over! Full result and text will show up tomorrow. I havent slept for 2 days working with this event. Anyhow, here is video highlights of Day 2. It's worth a watch, i can tell you!
Airattack Rallycross Cup 2009 - Final Standings

1.Domisz 123pts
2.Gelin 74pts
3.Max 72pts
4.Napolean 70pts
5.ARI 46pts
6.Mosseman 41pts
7.Terje 36pts
8.Woox 34pts
9.Boost 33pts
10.Blixt 29pts
11.Trond 29pts
12.Netinkietepas 28pts
13.KennyGTT 28pts
14.Kujanpää J 25pts
15.Driver GR 25pts
16.Buster 23pts
17.Nilsson 22pts
18.Turbonetic 20pts
19.Hising 20pts
20.Bagander 19pts
21.Isaac Price 18pts
22.Kujanpää M 17pts
23.Barn 16pts
24.Hyttinen 16pts
25.Fiat850TC 13pts
26.Swat 13pts
27.Duffis 12pts
28.Log 10pts
29.Sam 10pts
30.Godokken 10P
31.Ezon 8pts
32.Andro Multivan 8pts
33.Jacobsen J 8P
34.Lernerud 6pts
35.Qvist 6P
36.EQ Worry 6pts
37.Jessica 6pts
38.Rönnefjäll 6pts
39.Iran Persian 5pts
40.Mads Johansen 3P
41.lvlo 3pts
42.Hubba Johansson 2pts
43.Rauurosaur 2pts
44.Fredrik Johansson 2P
45.Digital 2pts
46.Laprevotte 1pt
47.Lundsten 1pt
48.Ralph 1pt

Full result from Round 12 can be reached via E-Mail by Gelin.

That was 2009 guys. Thanks for a fantastic year! See you in 2010!
ROFL!!!! why did i get banned? ALL PINK GOT BANNED. we did nothing. only pedro.!

This even reminds me of DEMO RACING
Lmao :d
lol,as soon as I saw via the stream that some ppl got banned(from what I saw,the stream showed nothing about crashes),I was like wut... oO
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :noob::noob:
Quote from hp999 :lol,as soon as I saw via the stream that some ppl got banned(from what I saw,the stream showed nothing about crashes),I was like wut... oO

Some people were arguing and stuff. Will be fixed to the next race.