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The Obutto Cockpit Review
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The Obutto Cockpit Review
Some of you may know how long I had been waiting for the cockpit, had the money for it back in January, had to wait until May for a shipment to be coming to the United States. Also had to wait until June for it to arrive in the United States, than finally another 3 to 4 weeks for the cockpit to get to my door. Since I finally got it, set it up and have used it for 4 days or so it is time for me to write my first impression review. I am only stating my opinions with this product, I am not being paid to write the review, and so I am going to be fully honest with my opinions, giving both the good and the bad.

I will start off with the reasons I chose the Obutto Cockpit in the first place as there were multiple factors. The very first thing that attracted me was the price, being paid for (including shipping) for a little more than $300 it was easily one of the least expensive cockpits available. Also after some more reading and videos, I noticed it could be used for more than just Sim Racing. I am a programmer and spend enough time at my desk, which had needed replacement, so a cockpit that could act in both manors was what I needed.

Great support started from the day I started asking questions. Chris did very well in answering them all and in a reasonably timely fashion. Sure a few were delayed a couple days if he was busy with other things, but I know of a few days where we had a decent conversation over e-mail about the features and abilities of the Obutto. Through these discussions I knew I would be waiting a long time for shipments to get into the United States and then to my door, but Chris was still there during that process if I had a question of the whereabouts. Although the cockpit did arrive at my place much sooner than expected. The longest duration was waiting for it to arrive to the United States warehouse and such. After waiting that long I finally got it, and I must say that box was heavy. Very first impressions of the shipping was terrible. Some styrofoam or something could have been used to support the cardboard box, as it was received in a big lump, not really in a box form. Aside from that all the parts were wraped up with plastic and despite a few minor places where the paint rubbed a bit it was in excellent condition. Smells almost like a new car, must be that seat!

It took about 30 minutes to unwrap all the plastic off all the parts, and I must say that the parts were much higher quality and heavier than expected. I was expecting less since the price was so little compared to other cockpits. Took about 30 minutes to setup because I didn't follow the very simple instructions. Putting the seat on first actually makes your life harder... But it wasn't too bad considering. I had been busy for about a week before actually setting my computer up on it. Which I am using my desk in front to support the monitors only because I have two 22" LCDs and the stand is only meant for one. I did put one monitor on the stand, and under normal use it probably would be fine, although if you wiggle the seat a bit the monitor shook a little more violently than I'd have wanted. Like I said though, under normal racing, or computing this wouldn't happen.

Hopped in the cockpit and started a race for the first time, it was much more immersive than I thought. I was hoping for a comfortable seating position and it really brings you into the feeling of a car. I have TrackIR and the ButtKicker also which did help as well, but in an actual seat, its almost complete. I can't say enough good things about this seat, really. Its quite amazing; supportive, comfortable and adjustable, what more can you ask for? Also if you have or plan on getting the ButtKicker, it works great with this cockpit. The only thing that could be better there would be having a support bar in the middle to attach it to, otherwise its perfect as is. Having the shifter down in a lower position is much more immersive as well, I am still adjusting to a slight angle change and such, but that will smooth itself out.

Now, as you may have noticed, I didn't but the Obutto only for racing. I intended to use it for normal computing; browsing the forums, programming, and everything else. The swinging keyboard arm is great for accessability. Of course, I have made my life harder by hopping over the shifter to get out, just the way the room and things are laid out, but even that isn't bad. You can adjust the keyboards distance from you, and its angle, but not so much its height. I actually ran into the keyboard colliding with my wheel due to the height so I needed to raise the wheel a tad, all is golden now, and much more comfortable and immersive while racing. It really does matter. But my main complaints for the cockpit are to do with the computing issues.

When coding, your constantly viewing lots of small words everywhere and my monitors are a bit further away now. This is very minor and I believe I will get used to it, but for now I have been leaning forward from time to time, killing my back. The keyboard tray was better than I expected when I unwrapped it and found it covered with a mouse pad type material. Much less slippery, and would be better for the mouse, however I am not left handed. The keyboard needs to be moved to the right in order to be centered with your hands, (when it swings from the left holder, since I sit on the right of my shifter thats the way it is.) So I have my mouse on my computer near me and its a subtle change that I am growing on. The only other complaint is the edges of the mouse pad-like surface is very rough on your wrists. Having no armrests to put my arms on it naturally moves to the keyboard tray, which holds up fine. I wouldn't go jumping on it, but it takes a considerable amount of pressure.

So over all it was well worth the money. If you are looking for a full time racing cockpit I wouldn't hesitate to buy this. A few improvements could be adding motion to it, adding supports for surround sound speakers around it and adding support for three monitors - which I may be doing later in the year. For computing only I would say not worth the slight downfalls. But racing and computing, I am very happy with my desicion and believe I went with the right one. The sharp edges on the pad shall wear down over time, or I will do something to do it. The minor paint issues are not noticable unless you really start looking, and the keyboard tray not holding the mouse is minor as well. It would work if I gave in and shifted left handed to install the keyboard tray on the right side, but I am about the realism about a car that I could drive and at the moment that would be a left-hand drive car.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my review, I hope it helps inform you about the cockpit and apart from those minor things it is a very great racing cockpit and office desk.
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Well written and honest review.
Great review! So for the 300$'s you get the seat and the cockpit itself right?

That seems pretty good Seeing as a racing seat is around 150$ O_O.
Yes, for $300 it was shipped to me, cockpit and seat.
looks great, I need one of these as I'm doing my fracking back in playing as I am, my peddles moving is mega annoying too..
#6 - bbman
I hope to have room for a cockpit of some sort once I've got a new home, and the obutto seems quite good...

Can you adjust the shifter mount vertically? It's a bit too far down for my liking, I'd want to sit in a "race car" after all...
I'll set out for a wheel, before setting my mind on a cockpit
#8 - sosna
Great review blackbird04217,honest and detailed!

I m glad you finally got it and of course racing in it!

ps:some pics would be nice teaser for us Europeans
Nice review - I would get one of these if my room was big enough. Maybe in 3 years or so.
Nice review. I almost bought two of these actually, but after waiting (and waiting... and waiting...) for a reply I lost interest and bought something else

p.s. This should be in the "other hardware" section
Shipping in EU is not possible yet, i hope it will be soon though.
Yeah when are these coming to Europe I'm looking into getting one.

btw loving your avatar lfsnoob, lol, quality
Please find a distributor in Europe!
I can't wait anymore! I just want to buy Obutto cockpit a.s.a.p.!!
Mr Obutto where are these cockpits!
Quote from sosna :Great review blackbird04217,honest and detailed!

I m glad you finally got it and of course racing in it!

ps:some pics would be nice teaser for us Europeans

Well here are some pictures for all of you to go looking at some of the progress. Originally as said in my review I used a desk to hold the monitors, but I ended up making a personalize shelf to hold the monitors and it is connected directly to the monitor stand on the cockpit. Enjoy!

Just finished building it
Side view being used with a desk to hold monitors...
Behind a desk - Keyboard tray closed.
Behind a desk - Keyboard tray opened

Triple monitors on desk and stand

Personal Monitor Shelf to set ... ors on the Obutto Cockpit

Continued development on monitor shelf.

Behind view of 3 monitors on O ... h personal Monitor Shelf)

Front view of 3 monitors on Ob ... h personal monitor shelf)
Hey fellas, long time no see and hope everyone is doing well! Just to update ya we finally have a European distributor and you can visit their site for more details.

We also have made a few changes to the cockpit over the past year or two. Increased the rake of the steering mount, lengthened the nose of the cockpit for more legroom, added a VESA monitor mount along with some cool accessories.

The first accessory is a triple monitor stand that bolts to the new VESA monitor stand. I've been running three monitors for a little over a year now and it's brilliant. Next accessory is a thick acrylic tabletop which can be mounted to the steering wheel mount. This gives ya some space to mount button boxes, or just somewhere to put drinks, food, phones, whatever, but it really makes it possible to replace your desk. Lastly, we now have a flight stick mount for between your legs and a throttle mount for the left side.

Feel free to visit our site to see all the changes....

Best regards,
Why is it $150 more expensive in the EU than in the USA?
To cover additional shipping charges? I am not sure, you would have to ask the seller. I guess shipping because it took a long time to get it over there in the first place.
-Huge import duties for one
-Sea freight to EU is higher than to USA from China
-EUR being on a high before, but recently devalued quite a bit
-Also, I handle China & USAdirectly but not other countries or regions.
#21 - senn
Do you ship to Australia?

The Obutto Cockpit Review
(22 posts, started )