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#1 - Lynce
RB4 GT Ralliart Edition. All posible addons for this car. Enjoy ;)
Do you like Ralliart?

This addon is inspired by the preparer mitsubishi ralliart:

Direct pics:

http://www32.homepage.villanov ... .crimmins/evooooo_RA1.jpg ... erevowrc04insidesthum.jpg

The rar contains: (Brembo brakes high quality)for all cars.

New (for all cars). High resolution and Sewing imitation leather case as a lever of change. New headlights, rearlights, new grill, new radiator and more.

New seats. ( For FZ50, LX cars and RB4 GT.

New high resolution

New high reolution and two nice skins: 2048 x 2048(Public Skin):

Racing or street version.

And new sound for this car. New car, new sound.

Note very important:

All dds files are editing since original dds files. (No Rac novitec, for example, or other high resolution file).

DOWNLOAD: ... /RB4_GT_Ralliart.rar.html

Megaupload thsnk to Takumi_lfs :

About 5 Mb.

Enjoy it as if it were yours

Edited by:

Lynce Digital Art.
#2 - Lynce
Dedicate to Team SW and RalliArt lovers.
Lol very nice dude
Can you make this but for XRT
Btw:i am a sword fan of XRT :P please
#4 - Lynce
Ralliart too?

HUm... is posible, but, i like other petitions for other preparators and Styles.


AMG, RUF, Bravus, Hamman, M, Abarth, Opera, Spoon, Castrol, Prodrive, HKS, Mugen, Novitec,etc,etc,etc.

I'm tired about Ralliart, believe me!

Raceabout Novitec edition:

moskvich3v1. Done me time, okey?

Vote about this thread. Thank you very much.
I will wait all the time of the world for my favourite XRT
I will vote for that thread congratulations again
very nice screens and skins

well donde lynce
This is a very nice interior.
Very nicely done Lynce. Top job!
WoW, great job as usual...Downloading
Wow, very nice Lynce.

Esta genial, de verdad, que chulo. ^^
Great job
Very very good Lynce , good job .

Esta muy muy bien , me encanta
nice, but the skin looks alot like Bean0's.
Thanks for comments:

moskvich3v1, barsi999, shiny_red_cobra, MAGGOT, Töki (HUN), Newtonyo, Jadran, josepo, and Zachary Zoomy.

Some idea for next preparator or style?

moskvich3v1, done me time, please. I take note about this: XR GT Turbo RalliArt. Inspired into Mitsubishi Starion but without headlights for respect lfs's design. I don't like headlights fake.

And now I prefer other version, preparator or style.

#16 - JEP
That looks amizing, thnx!


This is far the best ive seend for the RB4.

+1 for the xrt.
Thanks for the great share man very nice job
btw, Something is wrong with the pads. the bg is not transparant.
Great job, thanks!
WOW WOW WOW , best rb4 i have ever seen,Thank you... but maybe u can do something for rb4 whit Subaru Impreza WRX STI 06WRC textures ...?

sorry bad english...
What a nicely done work.

OMG!!! Good Job Lynce !!!

Dale duro tio
Wow, there is some really hi-res stuff there. I'm not a fan of Ralliart, but this is amazing!
Good job!
i suck at this.. where to put?

RB4 GT Ralliart Edition. All posible addons for this car. Enjoy ;)
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