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It is not so bad
Try to put real logos on the side of the car, also if You have used MS Paint then try to get Photoshop or Paint shop . Or if You want free tools, then GIMP is Your friend, or PaintDotNet :P
Not bad put the logos too then is cool.
You need templates to make a great skin, they are in, then use the Photoshop and do it best!
That skin you make, is bad ,sorry for that but try to do it different, with PS, see ya, bye.
you need to fiddle with the stripes in the front - the front area of the skin is not as wide as the top one... just a bit of work and definatly worth it

btw: put on a helmet!
Just mucking around with my race name- Electrik Kar...
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haha ty for the tips, yea i use ms paint because i'm to lazy to install photoshop...i'm an artist with photoshop tho...
Australian world cup XFR skin
Well waiting in anticipation for Australia's first world cup match to start against Japan, I decided to knock up a quick skin for the XFR. This is in no means finished, I'm looking for suggestions

I'm not quite sure about the soccer balls on the roof (My brothers sugestion)

C'mon Australia!
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worldcup screendump.jpg
well you could paint a big 3-1 on the side, i suppose. Well done to the aussies!
Nice skin there man.. Im not Australian though i "Live" in australia.. so..

Go Brazil!!!! :P.

anyways.. some suggestions could help..

Add some sort of border/stroke to seperate the green and yellow like black (away jersey) or dark dark blue which would go well..

and eh, gimmie a 3-1 at the rear!! .
Thanks for the comments guys,

Well I tried the border thing and it just didn't seem right, but I've got the 3-1

This is only my first skin btw.
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lol sweet, shame im not an aussie
on a roll, England got a severe thrashing at Rugby at the weekend from a pretty dismal Aussie team, doesn't say much for our guys
The skin needs more decals, sponsors, have a look round at some of the other excellent skins around (or in your skins_x folder), it needs fuilling up a bit, I reckon.
Spanish World Cup skin
Another Spanish skin this time for hte XFR.
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Quote from aoun :Another Spanish skin this time for hte XFR.

nice but it could use more logo
nice work Hippy!
Quote from al heeley :nice work Hippy!

With thankz of course to the 'Master Skinnerz' site for heaps goodies!
Nice work Hippy :up: Will they be available to the public?

Al, just wait for the Ashes. Our cricket team's as dismal as ever
made it for a friend, replica of Valvoline Escort WRC.

any comments?
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hi this is one of my first skins so be kind, although any critisism would be a great help!
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Soovija skins
They are for XFG :P

Please download James skin too :P
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Any ingame/viewer/render shots?
Please post your skins in the topics provided. We don't need a new topic every time someone makes a skin. Thanks mate.
XFR Hot Chilli Tuning skin
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XF Skins (All)
(2930 posts, started )