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AI Pitstops
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AI Pitstops
Ok, what im wondering is:

Is there a way to make the AI pit on different laps, so they dont all rush into the pits at the same time?
I dont know...
But that's a great idea
19 ai's going in a pit same time... not a good thing...
Try putting them on different fuel loads. I've no idea if this will work, but it's just a thought
ive tried that, but it makes them all whatever i set them as last (like ill change it to 50%, add Ai, then change it to 100 and add another Ai, but its changes that 50 to 100...if ya follow :P)
Have you unchecked the 'AI drivers use your setup' button ?

I've not used the AI drivers for ages to be honest, but i'm sure i read in one of the Test Patch Threads someone was trying to do this, don't know if they managed it ? will try and find the post

edit: arrgh bollocks, all the test threads have been removed....
Yeh i got them using my setups, ill have a play around and see if i get anywhere with it :P
OK, found that thread
Not sure if this will help as it's patch X33, but if you read Dungbeetle's and Cue-Balls posts 160/161 they're discussing this issue.

I'll continue reading that thread and post here if anything new comes up.

edit: read to the end of that thread and it didn't really come up with an alternative solution to the above. So, it seems the best solution is to go online and race with real people, or just let the AI pit at the same time and accept that they're not quite perfected yet !
We've raced some AI's a couple of nights, and the only solution we could think of, is this. Giving the AI a stop and go "/p_sg ainame" before the last split and then when it has reached the point of no return, you clear it "/p_clear ainame". They will stop for 10 seconds anyway, but it still counts as a pit and they will take on the fuel needed. Of course it will have to be done before the others pit, but at least it takes a load of off the pits.
I know LFS isn't supposed to support this kind of thing, but we've had some fun with it, thus it would be nice

AI Pitstops
(8 posts, started )