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Any news?
can anyone do one of renault and ferrari 2019?Confused
FBM F1.6 Sauber skin (beta)
Soooo, I began work on it 3 days ago and just now got it finished. It is my first skin, so any problems, please report. I already know 2 bugs, that i don't know a fix for. So don't report them:
-Missing side Intel logos: They were bugged. I had to remove them for it to look better.
-Sidepod color glitch: Idk imma blame the game for that. I don't have a clue why/how it happens.
-You can't use it in multiplayer
You have 3 driver number options:
That's it! Enjoy!
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My first skin for my team (Apex racing)
if anyone want to join AR dm me. The skin is free to use!
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Quote from YaBoiStili :The skin is free to use!

I hope you can take some criticism and you won't be discouraged to try creating something new,but this is a very poor work. I know in the start usually you're very elated to see your work moving around the track,but usually it's not well done (my first skins were very simple too). The idea behind is not bad,but as you can see on the preview,the lines on car's sides are interrupted,to be honest - FBM is probably one of the most difficult cars to make that right. Also Pirelli logo is misplaced and hides in sidepod. Ad just plainly flipping the logos makes the skin look cheap,where the skinner didn't wanted to make any effort of fixing that (even if that counts as cool in the drifters' scene).

First - download CMX viewer from - it is a great tool,where you can save a skin and see it on car from any direction.
Second - check this thread: - it's a very useful information,so the logos and paintings on car are not stretched.
Third - get a proper graphics application,for example GIMP is for free,while there are few browser based solutions too.
Forth - don't get discouraged,practice,learn and get better!
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Yeah ik its bad i made it in 10 mins, its funny that im an actuall graphic designer and i used photoshop. Dont jump to conclusion, my team just wanted a skin fast so i made it and they liked it, but tbh ik its bad Wink
lul. Boi, I'd rather use a Jordan skin instead of that. As he said, you should've put more effort in.
My personal skin, can please somebody with license upload this on LFS World? Thanks!
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Quote from Biadonsky :My personal skin, can please somebody with license upload this on LFS World? Thanks!

I uploaded it, you should be able to use it now.
Quote from DRIFTFox :I uploaded it, you should be able to use it now.

It works!

Thank you so much!
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Hello, I've made the FBM skin of the Aston Martin F1 team 2021. Enjoy the livery!

Versions of #5 Vettel and #18 Stroll

Big grin
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This time I've made the FBM skin of the McLaren F1 team 2021. Enjoy the livery!

Versions of #3 Daniel Ricciardo and #4 Lando Norris.

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I can see f1 2021 skins being already made. Could someone or the creator pack them all in one pack to download at once? Thanks.

FBM Skins
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