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Promotion Time!!
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Promotion Time!!
Hey guys, I take up some ideas, especially from Kidcodea (respect, man!):

Now that LFS S2 Alpha is out, and the Full is coming, it is again time, to get this piece of diamond to the people. As you all know, there are simply never enough people, that know about LFS.

So download it, get it on your MP3 Sticks, CDs, RAM-sticks whatever and spread it, take it to lans, your friends etc. Put the link to in your signature in other forums etc. etc. Spread the word, remember your old contacts, maybe some newspaper is between them.
This way we'll make this game even more succesful and acknowledged. And I think several people will be very happy about you and your work.
Dont forget the great additional stuff, like lfsworld and this forum here, as those are parts of LFS and should simply belong to that.

Good Luck!

Some people of my school are driving already, but thats not enough

we need more lfs racers.

And let's hope that the people of that Ego-Shooter Community don't come to LFS
wtf vykos ? why are u posting everything i would post? why did u create a thread here i had created on rsc? same name and all?! lol
to cut the momentum? i really dont understand.
nor is this the time for this one imho. too much ppl moving. too much activity, too much spam. it will get lost in history.

please post here, and request for this thread to be deleted

why u forced me to post this now is beyond me, its not the right timing imho, but please continue with support u have been doing. excellent i might add.
hmm i cant ellaborate why it makes sense.

and dont acuse me of wrong doing when its exactly the oposite.
this should be deleted. but for that ethics has to come in place.
annnnnnnnnyway.......back to the issue at hand, I have recently been trying to convince a local gaming center to add LFS to their game list, and they seemed to be interested, should help spread the world a little
Nah, Kid's right. It's his original idea, that's why i stated this in my opening post. Besides that his wording is way better than mine. Sorry Kid, just wanted to make sure, this comes along here. You know that I try a lot for that too.



so mods, u can close this one here.

Promotion Time!!
(6 posts, started )