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Print Button in Pit
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Print Button in Pit
I think it would be very good to have a function in the pit, to print your setup data. If you could print it from there eith all the datas, you will be able to work efficient on your set up
Maybe not "print", but certainly an "export" button that sends all setup data to a text file. While there at it, an "import" button as well would be good. You could work on setups outside the sim (perhaps with some outside setup application" and then import into the sim.

EDIT: Yes, I know there is the "Bob Smith Setup Wizard" thingy, but everytime I use that, the cars feel all wrong.
An "Import" and "Export" button would also be a good idea! I think both print and import export button would help to improve the seups
+1 from me. Nice idea
+1 for me! great idea!

+1 for the import/export buttons here
+1 from me too, it`s a good idea.

Print Button in Pit
(7 posts, started )