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How many hours you have played on LFS World
It would be great if on LFS World it told us how many hours we have spent playing LFS. Obviously this would work only for licensed people, unless their was a registration system for demo. Plus, if you pay for the game you should get the good benifits right?

I think those figures could scare a lot of us.
You can always use xfire, and have a link to it in your sig. Though if you forget to open xfire, or don't have it installed (like I haven't for years) it sort of cuts down the times.

D: Only 22 hours.
i'd be afraid to see mine :s
Well, LFSW has stored all race info (laps), but what about quali and practise times? And should spectating time be count in too? And I'm not scared - only 3500 laps done online, so if average lap is 1:32:00 (mostly BL1 and AS3) I get ~90 hours total + demo 20h = 110h = 5 days

EDIT: What about demo times? Since there is not must register in demo, how account that?
I know there's at least 1 person with 20k F08 laps at the oval.. 300 hours or so?
I have Xfire but for some reason it does not count the hours im on LFS. Im sure it cant be hard to implement hours played on LFS World.
im quite dumb in this stuff, but i can certanly learn, so would any of you mind teaching me

sorry about any grammar mistakes, my english is getting rusty by the day.......
think i got it set.. thx!!