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Dirty tires?
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Dirty tires?
You obviously lose grip when you pick up grass/mud/gravel etc on your tires. It would be nice to see all your tires when they are covered in dirt etc. Not only does it look better, but it will let you judge better when your tires are 100% clean again.

Just a thought
You can use the F9 tire screen to see the level of dirt on the tires. This is represented by an orange bar on each tire.
Quote from Forbin : --Forbin
GPL Rank: +2.238

i know this is off topic but can you explain this stat? is it something to do with your average time above the best laps posted somewhere?

i would be interested in calculating this for some of the tracks where i've got a half decent personal best.


Check the GPL Rank website @

Quote : GPLrank is a way of recording and comparing your Grand Prix Legends times with those of other drivers. It is also a way of organizing the many racing venues now available into orderly collections so that a driver can have a straightforward method to learning the world's racing circuits. The basic principle is a handicap system similar to the one used in golf. This means that there's a certain "benchmark" that your achievements can be compared to. The fundamental benchmark for GPLRank is the combined lap time of the replays that come with Grand Prix Legends which add up to 25 minutes and 20.22 seconds. Your GPLRank handicap is calculated as the sum of all your best lap times minus the benchmark time.

GPLRank consists of the 11 tracks that are included with Grand Prix Legends. With the introduction of other tracks several other ranks have been added.

Yep, BP is right. I'm not sure if LFS's MHR is similar (not quite sure how MHR works), but the Nutter rank kind of is. That is, if someone completed every single track configuration, they would get a time + or - so many seconds off the benchmark time (which is 107% of the WR time).

That said, my GPL rank isn't that great. Most people can go negative pretty easily, I just haven't worked at it that hard yet.
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Quote from Forbin :You can use the F9 tire screen to see the level of dirt on the tires. This is represented by an orange bar on each tire.

i think he means, that you could actually see the dirt on the wheels, which would be looking pretty nice IMHO

Dirty tires?
(6 posts, started )