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Drift Layout Pack
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Drift Layout Pack
Here is a layout pack of layouts I have made over the past year or more.
Theres been lots of memorable moments on these layouts and alot of fun, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I, and others have over the times.

Here is a preview of 5 of the 48 layouts in this pack.

Please leave some type of comment after testing some of the layouts and say which one you like so far or like the most .

Drift Layout Pack.rar
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nice job phillip

Thanks for sharing these.

I wasn't exspecting that many layouts some very good ones in there.

Good work. Keep it up.
Wow, cool.
very em
#6 - Davo
Love the first one screenie there, thanks for the pack. You should include a readme saying these are your layouts or something so people can credit them and know who made them.
Thanks Davo, I am surprised I forgot to add that.

First post is updated.
cool layouts but shame that i dont have a S2 lincense :ashamed:
#9 - sosna
Very nice indeed!I havent tried them all but the ones i tested were cool
very nice, I like
I'm liking them.
Good, they were made for a purpose, and that is to please others .
im a bit of a newb so how do i download this?
Very Nice indeed me like
Just trying all these out now,
great fun.
Looks fun, gonna try them soon
can anyone putt this pack in a zip file please?
cant download it i am not a admin on my computer
thnx for this
Very nice Defo gonna be using these for testing my drift setups
thanks man, some good stuff in there.
2007, and I still got here in 2022, damn I miss the good old days Frown

Drift Layout Pack
(23 posts, started )