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Favourite classic cars
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Favourite classic cars
Hi all.

I have a interest in cars in general, but i feel a particular fondness for the real classics.

So my question is, If you had to choose which (classic) cars to get in your garage, which would they be? (mind you, cost is not an issue here )

mine are:
Jaguar XK 140
De Tomaso Vallelunga
Maserati Mistral 3700
Ferrari 330

Too bad i have quite an expensive tast
about 50 made of the ferrari, 53 of the De tomaso
+- 830 maserati's and less then 9000 of the jaguar

If there's anyone willing to sponsor me ?
Only one..........I had one ages ago, and ruined it, wish I hadn't now........

Assuming my garage was big enough and I had enough money the list would be very very long.

But a proper GT40, a Lola T70, various Le Mans cars from over the years (pre-1980), a D50, Various Ferrari's, a Miura (wish we hadn't sold ours back in '87)... Hell, I mean I'm plucking names out of the air, and I could do this pretty much non-stop for an hour (although I might need a book to make sure I don't forget some of the more obscure ones).
you guys had a miura ?

damn, i envy you

if you kept it (in good condition) you'd get a fortune now (well, between 70-200k € anyway)
Without a doubt, my favourite classic car of all time is
1967 Chevy Camaro SS.

And if we're talking dream cars, I've wanted a 1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 since I was 14 I don't like the newer models as much, because they've lost that cool "snake" look.
#6 - Loz16
I like the Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite. And when i get some money i may get one.
Quote from Dajmin :I don't like the newer models as much, because they've lost that cool "snake" look.

Same here.
#8 - Ian.H
1 of 5 (vastly varying in price, in no particular order):

Ferrari F40
Ferrari 308GTO
Ferrari 250GTO
Ford Pop ("sit up n beg") 50's 'rod style
E-Type Jag


#9 - th84
1. 69 Chevelle SS

2. 69 Camaro SS

What else do you need?
#10 - JTbo
57 Chevy BelAir looks nice, even it is not too good in any other aspect, well sound can be nice, lol.

59 Cadillac looks nice and sounds nice too, but that is really nice for longer trips, there is lot of space, seats are comfy and it is rather quiet too, but not very nice to drive, weird steering.

C3 Corvette is one very nice looking car, it is just that my, ahem, shoulders are too wide to fit in it properly, feels like sitting in sardine can, well this problem comes with almost any sports car.

80-89 era cars are nice, but not certainly all, I like quite a lot from my own car that is from that time, but then there was also TVR, Aston Martin, Audi Quattro etc. very many great cars made and my carage would be mostly filled from that time.
#11 - w126
Lancia Stratos
Rally version of Ford Escort Mk2 (with Cosworth BDA engine)
Hm, one of my favorite classics is Jaguar E-Type..
I had a Majorette replica of it, when i was a kid, and i simply adored it's looks and respect that design even in that young age.. Now it's even more beautiful..
I would also love to have some of the old Mustangs..
Quote from Ian.H :
Ferrari 250GTO

Snap! If i was to buy a classic car i would buy that.
And also a '73 Porsche 911 Carrera RS. Vroom.
#14 - Vain
I'd go for the mentioned 911 Carrera RS and right beside that I'd put a 911 Targa.

Some legendary models. These are roughly in time order. Dunno if it would be nice to have them, because it is not cheap or easy to keep them in good condition and running.

Mercer T35 Raceabout
Bugatti type 35
Bentley 3 litre
BMW 328 (late 1930s)
Mercedes Benz W154 (1939)
Willys Jeep
Jaguar XK120
Mercedes Benz 300 SL (the 'gulf wing' car)
Jaguar e-type (early models before the not so nice V-12)
Porsche 356
Corvette Stingray (1960s)
Ford Mustang (1960s)
Shelby Cobra
Ferrari 250GTO

The later cars are not so interesting. Besides I think car has to have some age before it is 'classic'.

I want THAT one!
If that could be considered a classic - then De Tomaso Pantera
First of all I would buy a Lancia Stratos
and if I'm getting pretty rich, then perhaps a Duesenberg :P
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#21 - JJ72

but I am not sure which one should i die in.
i love the shelby cobra.
also the ferrari F40, but my fav ferrari

and the car id love to own

Quote from squidhead :If that could be considered a classic - then De Tomaso Pantera

I got a ride in a (i think) '72 Pantera. Might have been a '70 or '71. I fell in love with the beast and now I want one for myself.

I'd also like a 1967 Lotus 49. (OO, maybe a '68 49B!) OOO, A Ferrari 250GTO, or or a 1958 Ferrari Testarossa! OOR a GT40! Or a 1967 Eagle Weslake F1 car (forget the proper name ) or a 1978 Lotus 79. Or a.... (the list goes on..)

I can't choose one

Favourite classic cars
(25 posts, started )