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WR history in LFSWorld
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WR history in LFSWorld
I think it would be interesting to add some kind of WR history/log to the hotlap charts(when full S2 will come out and all hotlaps will be deleted). Storing the name, sector times and date would be enough. With one click, you could see how the WRs improved over time. A graph would be great too.
What do you think about this?
Cool idea. And the graph would only require to be generated once - when the current hotlap changes.

Nice idea
Nice idea. To realise this you will need a central server, which coordinate the times, store and serve it, isn't it? Does it exist today?
We're talking about Hotlaps - which is all stored on LFSWorld. So yes...
#5 - Hahni
Yes, and if we have the graph we could calculate the absolute fastest possible laptime.
There must be convergence ! =)


It's good to see you like the idea. I hope that Victor likes it too, and going to do it .
Perhaps the graph would be a bit more complex to do, than I expected. So I'm not insisting on that.

WR history in LFSWorld
(6 posts, started )