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Would you pay for a real life track?
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Poll : Would you pay or not?

I would pay 20€ for Nürburgring Nordschleife
I would pay 5€ or 10€ for Laguna seca
I'm not interested paying for track addons
I would pay 5€ or 10€ for Bathurst
None of the tracks listed interest me, but I'd be willing to pay for some other track(s)
I would pay less for one of these
I would pay 5€ or 10€ for Mosport
I would pay even more for one of these
I'm poor or my mummy wouldn't allow me to buy one
If the Nurburgring was offered for LFS, I would pay whatever they charge. However, I think with such a small community and limited resources, I think the devs would have trouble justifying spending the time and money required to do something like this as well as they would like. I would love to see it, but I don't know that it would make sense for them.
The one problem with charging for tracks would be that there wouldn't ever be enough buyers to make the online racing any good.

I have no idea what licencing issues are like for tracks, but you'd think some less-famous tracks could be willing to let if happen even for free? For example Johor in Malaysia ( used to host MotoGP ), Bira Circuit in Thailand ( great for XFG and other slower cars in LFS ), the many smaller tracks in Europe as well. Just a thought.
I'd pay $200 for bathurst
I know, I know its just a track illepall
I'd pay for Bathurst. It's not too long to have pick-up races on, unlike Nordschleife.
#30 - aoun
Imagian the MRT on Bathurst, comon! ill up it to a 100$ AUD chip in! .
I'm happy with the track we got. And if they would add new tracks, I don't really care if it's a famous track or imaginative. I like the tracks so far, so I don't see the point in paying for an existing track (that has to be rebuild perfectly, otherwise it would probably be shot half dead after few months of release), while we could have fictive tracks, that are evenly great or even more so.
I'd gladly pay $25 for the Nurburgring. I know Eric could make a track similar to it, and I hope he does if we don't get the 'ring. But the Nurburgring is so legendary, I'd love to race it.
Spa? Nurburgring? Laguna Seca? Bathurst? Blah.

been there, done that..... and with the current crop of LFS cars half of them wont get any use out of these big long boring tracks anyway.
Or maybe rfactor's physics have put me off these tracks?

Anyway, bring on the short sharp and shiny tracks, thats where the funs at
#34 - aoun
Nah i reckon they would be fun to drive on lfs..
Im poor but I think I could got 5-10 Euros for a real track, but the problem is that not one of these are I am not interested in

SPA would be great to see, Long Nutburgring is too long and hmmmm to narrow, Bathurst is Autstralian track and Im not so much in to Australiand motosport, but stell I whatched Highlits from V8 Australia Bathurst. It realy nice track. Im never, ever whatched anything from Laguna Seca and Motosport park!!! Laguna S. is USA track, but where the hell is Motosport park?

SPA is best track on the Earth saes F1 drivers and I belive them. I was driving on it in GTR and GTR 2 and its totaly fun (Our ruse) firs corner, that you must know how to pass FLAT OUT and got superb top speed

So please add SPA!!!
Oh new version whit new bus stop chicane
Spa is long, and has 1 interesting corner ; Nurby Nordy is a beast, and with its length perhaps too much one to be popular; Laguna Seca has 1 interesting corner as well; Bathurst, well, it does have a looong straight but the rest is elevation changes, brilliant corners and it was fun even with GTL/GTR2
#37 - aoun
I perfer spa without the bustop, mehh its all good! .
spa has one interestng corner, but for me every corner on spa is intrestiong, herpin, chicane, and middle part of track, and extremly fast corner before chicane (can't remember the name now)

So we won SPA vote!!!!
And one more thing, spa is not too long, look at the long of

AS grand prix, that is looooooooong
My favortir LFS track AS gp. Damn I got no one HL in there, dont have a time now for that track, maybe later
Quote from NotAnIllusion : Nurby Nordy is a beast, and with its length perhaps too much one to be popular;

I'd be happy just to lap a long interesting track on my own. Actually, that's the only big thing missing from LFS at the moment. None of the tracks are suited to a good, challenging offline drive.
Shelling out 20€ for the mother of tracks? Why not!

Even though races will probably never succeed on that track, it would at least be a HUGE advertisement for LFS.
vote Nordschlaife
6th option for me....why i see some people voted for first 4 options? i though u can vote only once?

edit: sry i'm stupid :P
Voted Laguna Seca and Nordschleife. Miss Spa in the list though
Brands Hatch
Laguna Seca
Le Mans Sarthe
5 € each, would be great.
I'd like Spa and Brands. About £20 each seems about right.

I think having the Nurburgring would be the biggest mistake in LFS's history. No one would race on it. People struggle (and I mean people in this thread I've raced with too) to do a lap of Aston Club with 5 seconds of the WR in the easiest car in the game (FOX), so what hope do they have of doing a SINGLE lap of Nurburgring in their life times. It would just be so boring.
Well, yeah it would probably only be used for hotlapping and as a novelty feature, but "biggest mistake in LFS history"? Can't see how adding a track that would very likely boost sales quite massively can be that much of a mistake. Unless you hate new people, that is
20€ for Nürburgring Nordschleife sounds great to me
New people who like LFS is great. But masses of new people who want to 'drive the nurburgring in mi car innit, wicked, why is LFS go no real cars and why is it that i is spinninz when i press de pedalzs' are something I don't want.

The Sauber caused a bit of that, and is one of the reasons I don't drive it, and the Nurburgring would be worse!
Yes, but these will level off too, leaving us with Nürburgring and the devs with £££.

Would you pay for a real life track?
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