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Japanese translation of Keys.pdf and some text files
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Japanese translation
Hi everybody,

Here is the some japanese language files. (Patch U30)


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#2 - Gunn
Nice work Yamakawa-san!
thank you,
and arigato for GP4Flo.

if LFS supports a multi-byte, LFS will sell more in japan & other double-byte countries.
and i translate In-game & all lesson with pleasure.
(this is unrealizable,because a shakeup of a program is necessary. and market isn't big.)
Thanks! :up:

I've added it to my patch folder. If you do any updates at any time, please make a post here and I'll receive a notification email.
Test Patch W34
Updated Commands_Japanese.txt for Test Patch W34.

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Thank you - I've saved it in the patch folder.
Updated Keys_Japanese.pdf
Got it - thanks!
Updated Keys_Japanese.pdf

SHIFT-J Join session
SHIFT+CTRL Display username
4 Display racing line
CTRL Enables more options in chat input field
ESCAPE Menu,Cancel, Back
SHIFT+A Engine Sound Editor
CTRL+S Screenshot
/ Quick Command input
Left click on the name (Name menu) Private chat
Right click on the name(Name menu) Copy Nickname to input field

Updated Keys_Japanese.pdf for Y
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Saved in my patch folder.
I just tested Y4. There isn't the extra lines, and it is displayed beautifully.
There isn't the issue at present.
but only one thing...

It doesn't happen frequently, but is irritating a little.
Thanks for the bug report and nice demonstration. That was related to the 3d driver names (N) a small mistake in the code, now fixed.

I'm pleased the update works well. I have now improved the text input system so the multi byte characters behave as a single character for text editing. I'll give you an update soon / in the next couple of days.

One question - if you click on the font name (in Game Options) to select a new font, are the font names corrupted? Meaning : wrongly encoded? And is that on XP or Vista?

Just that I got one report where there are strange looking font names in Vista. I think it's the "localized font name" being displayed in the Latin code page...
I found that only a Japanese font name corroded in Win2000. (pic1)
Because I installed a lot of fonts, it was hard to look, but corroded the font list too. (pic2)

Anyway, keep up the good work.
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Thanks for the info. I hope you will find it is fixed in Y5 - I am using the code page of the selected language to display the font names.

I've also excluded empty font names. And if there are more than 64 fonts left after excluding the fonts with empty names, the ones after 64 will not be displayed. This avoids too much crushing and should be ok as they are sorted in order of suitabilty so the idea is you should have up to 64 good fonts to choose from.
Y5 is good It's favorable.There is no problem.

BTW,Did you get the state of the kanji toggle key?
Perhaps it must communicate with IME.
How about the method with 'Imm32.lib' API? (not included in English ver. Windows,maybe.)
IME API function list (machine translation)

- ImmGetConversionStatus? - ImmSetConversionStatus??

I know that it's not so easy.and I don't understand whether it work for Chinese and Korean.

I put a link (perhaps it's useless).

Using an Input Method Editor in a Game
CustomUI Sample (DX9)

We will stand by your decision.
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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I have now done some reading into the IMM functions. I have also installed Japanese keyboard support so I can see the text entry system as you described in your video and I can get a better understanding of how it works.

It works, as you said when LFS is in a window, I can see the hiragana and kanji in the top left corner. I understand that the best thing I could do would be to use the IMM functions to take over this function and display the entered text in the LFS message box. I don't know if I can yet but I am continuing to read up and research this.

[ EDIT : The problems decribed below are now solved ]

I have one problem at the moment with the Japanese input method, I can't reproduce your video 100% - if I type in "soduko" so I see three hiragana, then press enter, I just get 3 question marks in LFS "???". And if I press space to see the 2 kanji before pressing enter, then I get 2 question marks "??". I don't know why the default IME is sending question marks to LFS. Maybe there is a unicode / code page setting I can't find... LFS does know that Japanese code page is selected, I think it is really receiving question marks.

Also one small issue, when I change input language using ALT+SHIFT, there are two "Japanese" languages, though I only really want one. But I can't remove the second one, Windows wants to delete both of them if I delete one of them.
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Solved! :)
Hi, Sorry to have bothered you with those faults, now I've managed to solve it.

I had to change some settings so the language toolbar appeared correctly and toggles correctly between Japanese and Latin-1 (and not an extra version of Japanese). To make LFS receive proper characters instead of question marks, I had to set Japanese as the default language for non-unicode applications.

Now I can type Japanese into LFS. So as I investigate the IMM functions, I have a working IME to compare it with.
- ???

I don't know a lot about this field, but I see a letter being replaced with "?" by an encoding error of the browser.
I think that this problem doesn't happen by Japanese Korea, the Chinese OS.
...and It's "sokudo" (mean "speed") not "soduko".

- Microsoft IME Standard 2002 & Microsoft Natural Input 2002

They are normal with 2. It can't delete only 1.Microsoft Japan did so it. These unified it in vista. (IME 2007)

"Microsoft Natural Input" is added after XP, and it's a thing such as the update version of 'Microsoft IME Standard' which evolved conversion AI and function etc. It changes a mode and uses it. Standard (RED ball icon),Natural Input (GREEN ball icon). (Fig.1)

However, it's not "natural". The AI grows wise by a lot of use. but reputation is not good for a light user (about text inputting) of the majority who included me. Because there is much false conversion. Some operation methods is different, too.There is the person deleting "Natural Input" by registry operation. I recommend Standard.

And, Maybe, it must create original "Words selection box" etc. in the full screen mode by DirecX. and disable default IME display.I attach a free sample program(with source code). (Fig.2)
I'm glad if useful for you.:wave2:

EDIT: Good for you!
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I just tested Y6.It's fantastic and perfect. I watched the work of the professional in Y6.
My IME works fine on LFS without any malfunction precisely.

The conspicuous bug isn't found for the moment.There is only the translation mistake.

Thank you very mucho!
Thank you for the feedback! :up: I'm pleased the IME is working.

I have just now removed the glitch when new characters are added and it seems to be perfectly smooth now. This is done by only updating the changed areas on the character textures so it takes a lot less time when new characters appear.

There is one more thing to do and I hope to give you one final test version tomorrow then a public test on Friday evening.
Updated Katakana
I've updated the single byte katakana and here is a screen shot of how they appear in LFS now.

Please tell me about any more changes I should make to these characters.
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I put the corrected picture here.
These became very good. Thank you.

Added: A serious bug was found. The font size doesn't change In the case of ...

Options - Graphics - Full size textures [no]

And LFS is closed when I choose a korea, japanese, chinese language.
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Thanks for that bug report, I have now fixed it, along with another bug. LFS would crash if you select a different font weight.

I'll do these katakana improvements soon - today if I get any time before the public test patch release.
Will be those coutry flags shown on right nect to the language names in next patch?? look good
Yamakawa :

Here is a screen shot of some more updated katakana. I looked at what you said, made a few characters a tiny bit wider and also adjusted some tail lengths.

Flame CZE :

Yes those flags with be in today's patch.
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Japanese translation of Keys.pdf and some text files
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