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Drag Racing setup pack
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Drag Racing setup pack
Well I didn't want to neglect drag racing, much as some people seem to despise it. I doubt these setups are going to give you the best times but they're all certainly better than the default setups.

Also two stoppie sets are included (for UF GTR and XR GTR).
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I'm sure the 2 drag racers will be pleased
I used to be Heavily in to drag untill I formatted and lost all my sets : ( then i couldent even keep up. Thanks for the sets. They got me back in the game. With some tweaks I am now owning again : P
#4 - Jakg
Quote from (TR) Infinity :thx

Quote from Ram Rod :Thanks for the set's Bob.

youre both demo users, so when do you drag?
BL1 backstraight?
Youve never played demo before Jakg?
I think he's obsessed that everyone is trying to get LFS for free using popular circumvention methods.

(btw thanks for the thanks everyone who said thanks)
#8 - Si_Si
They are good setups
W00T now I got a set up for Drag just need race set up

Plus we can Drag on the blackwood straight Jack
Quote from Jakg :youre both demo users, so when do you drag?

unlocker i guess... lolz
Excuse me, just what is drag racing please?
Accelerating (mostly for quarter mile) in a long straight... Almost more boring than oval racing...
drag racing = lots of men in womens clothing and makeup racing 250m as fast as they can!!!! to the finish no contact allowed tho beating each other with sticks is allowed in some cases!....

hmm wouldnt say its as boring as nascar but gets close tho in lfs can be fun with a group of m8s!
Updated for patch U. Enjoy.

Also included stoppie sets where possible. Also noticed the cars will do reverse wheelies with the same sets, hehe.
Thanks for your sets Bob. Your drag one is pretty good. I can never beat people that have worked on their sets, but I can definitely keep up. Good Work.
drag setups
Hey Bob the setups are not working for me i am a demo racer and i have s2 alpha demo 0.5U i don't know y but it is not working.

plz give me some help
imran101 - did you extract the setups to your LFS\data\settings folder?

LFSn00b - 7 months isn't over a year by my calendar
That wasnt the last post though was it my friend.

If I created a thread a year ago and everyone posted everyday, would that make the last person the "Bumper"
Simply put - these are not wheelie sets. Don't expect them to wheelie - I never said they would!

If you look around though there are a few wheelie threads about, though I've never tried the sets.
#22 - dev
Yeah bob, great sets indeed
Thanks for this set, isn't easy to keep up with stock one.
#24 - JEP
Good setups,
I need some setup to XRT(Drag),I need the most powerfull setup for the GP track.
Do you have?
Thanks again!
hey i got ur drag set up but i dont no where to put it as in exe it????

Drag Racing setup pack
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