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89th RTFR XL

A reminder - server will be password protected 1 hour before qualifying start to keep not knowing crowded server jumpers out of way,pass will be always the same: green

Pitting rules:
Race requires a minimum time spent in pitstall of 10 seconds. That can be done either with single pitstop or sum of multiple pitstops. Driver who has spent less time will receive penalty time added to his finish time,which will be calculated by tripling the missing time to complete neccesary minimum time and adding additional 5 seconds. Drivers failing to pit at all will receive 1 minute penalty added to finish time (10s*3 + additional 30s).

Some historic stats:
Last race won by: B2マ M - 3 wins in row
Last FXO V8SUPERCAR race won by: S1DUS*R.Kardol (72nd RTFR XL - KY National)
Most FXO V8SUPERCAR race wins: only 1 race so far
Last Kyoto race won by: [WCL] True Alpha (82nd RTFR XL - PROTOTYPE 2 @ KY GP Long)
Most Kyoto race wins: S1DUS*R.Kardol - 5 wins (Finland - 6 wins)
Current rating leader: S1DUS*R.Kardol (+36.5 points)

2024 standings after 4 of 12 races:
B2マ M - 107
S1DUS*R.Kardol - 63
S1DUS*uNite - 56
Event rating and other statistics

Server link: Ronys Tuesdays Fun Race
Race Green Discord:
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Race statistics / RTFR XL .mpr folder / Event rating and other statistics (will be updated during the week)

SGマ MadJester - receives 10 seconds penalty added to his finish time for pit exit line violation.

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FXO V8Supercar is the very first mod car that was used more than once in RTFR XL - however just like on first try,the race was not highly attended as the over 600 horsepower car is quite a challenge which many did not wanted to take. Tyres turned out to be object of strategy - even if everyone selected R4 rears,the field was mixxed about front tyre selection as some (and mostly front runners) opted for grippier but temperature troubled R3 while some went for more consistent R4.

Records are made to be broken - current longest ever winning streak of 4 wins in RTFR XL was done by L.Paddewwa in 3rd to 6th RTFR XL,this tuesday this record was tied by M who has a chance of breaking it 4 weeks later. The lithuanian led all 22 race laps,with that scoring also his 200th lead lap in RTFR XL (now 6th most all time),leading also the last one to score his 6th RTFR XL race win,tying True Alpha for 4th most. He scored also his 8th pole position (now sole 4th most),5th fastest lap of the race and 10th top5 finish. Previous winner of this car and also combo selector R.Kardol was just 2nd this time and that in both sessions,repeating his best result of this season,scoring his 49th top5 finish. True Alpha was 2nd in race temporary after climbing up the field due his usual low qualifying result,but lost it due longer pitstop,finishing 3rd at the end - that's his 17th top5 finish. Sean scored his best result in RTFR XL by finishing 4th,which is 1 position higher than his only other top5 finish,top5 was closed by Ayoub Maroc,who scored his 8th top5 finish.

* FUN FACT OF THE MONTH : not really fun at all from organization side - due to pretty much absolute lack of pre-event testing,this race had 1 lap shorter distance than it should had - distance is always calculated using best known laptime,however that was beaten during qualifying by full 4 seconds and improved even more in race. This led to shortest ever RTFR XL in terms of race time - with 75 minutes and 19 seconds the previous record was beaten by almost 40 seconds. If this lack of testing persists,we'll have to use qualifying time for distance calculation starting from next year (for non-standard combos only).

Only 1 driver finished this race without any pitwork,therefor Rony is clock pitter for the 2nd race in row. 10.12 seconds work free pitstop did not bring much effort though as he finished 12th due rejoin (wrong setup on start). One of other usual clock pitters attempted to do same and would succeed only if he would not had underestimated tyre wear...

+9 positions was the highest gain during the race,made by Michal "E-Challenger" Malek,who finished 8th starting from low 17th position,2nd best result was +5,achieved by 3 drivers.

VOD at Youtube:

Combo selection has been relayed to 3rd place finisher this time - M may not select as long as he has his winning streak alive and R.Kardol has selected twice this year,reaching the yearly limit,but True Alpha still has not replied about his choice,he has time until coming tuesday. Next week normal RTFR will celebrate it's 333rd edition - expect some more number threes in this race of threes,run with one of the road legal cars from past featuring 3 in it's name and using a triangle shaped engine components. But the most important nearest future info - this sunday we'll host our yearly endurance race 400km of Westhill for the 5th time! A total of 31 cars are up for selection as weapon of choice for the 18.34 kilometers track. Full info and link to signups in the INFO THREAD - don't miss out to take on our biggest challenge,this year livestreamed by!
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