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Quote from Scawen :Layout Square cameras now have 40m height instead of 4m

I'm wondering why is that change, is it because of the long distance between cameras or the jitter? Shrug
If you join the E-challenge server with the old version, you just see moving walls. You can never see a car. With the new version, you can see cars driving around. Smile
Do you plan also a command to set "Look sensitivity" and/or "Look centre reduction"?

Currently with the new command "/lookf" I can "only" switch to "steer" but can't set/change the sensitivity, right? And additonal for "mouse_x" the "Look centre reduction". Perhaps thats could be possible with additonal parameters like "/lookf steer 1.0" or "/lookf mouse_x 1.0 0.1"?

If not: That's OK too Wink

Anyway: Thanks for the new test patch
on the mouse steering topic, i feel like unifying mouse controls with controllers could be a good idea, i have been using the mouse for full car control since somewhere around 2012, i have my steering and the gas/brake mapped to mouse, so when i push up, throttle is increased, when i pull down, the car starts braking, to turn and throttle or brake, i pull my cursor to the required quadrant of the screen etc.

after all those years, i still end up accidentally applying the brakes a bit or wobbling the steering on straights when i am shifting sometimes (i use sequential with clutch help on keyboard) especially when i am trying to shift fast, i would appreciate a tiny bit of deadzone in the middle to prevent that and also make it easier to hold the wheel fully straight when i need to

for the people that like it how it is right now or dont use the mouse for gas/brake, i feel like they can set the center deadzones to 0 and edge deadzones to a number similar to the multiplier they were using to have no change in their habits (the system could permit out of range edge deadzones to emulate lower than 1x multiplier)

i also feel like adjustments of 0.1x are a bit coarse, this would allow finer adjustments too (i have my gas/brake at 1.1x and it leaves a bit more deadzone on the top and bottom than i would like, i was unable to fully brake or throttle just by a tiny bit with 1.0x after a mouse change a few years ago)
With all due respect I've been using mouse to play since I started and I think its perfect this way, if there are any changes made to mouse steering I hope there will be "legacy" mode as it is right now.
Quote from neonmateo :With all due respect I've been using mouse to play since I started and I think...

I've been racing with a mouse in LFS on and off since 2003, almost 30,000 miles worth, and I agree.

LFS Test Patch 0.7E11
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