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How to unlock cars in the game
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How to unlock cars in the game
Hello, hi I am new to racing games in general and I would like to know the mechanisms of the game like How to play with a mouse and keyboard and the right settings to tune up my car the way I want to, so I would like to ask if anyone is willing to help.
Hi, welcome to LFS! Smile

First of all, there is LFS Manual which can help you answer some questions in the future.

To play with a mouse and keyboard:

- go to Options - Controls
- click "mouse / keyboard" at the top of the screen
- the "Keyboard steer" option should be set to "[mouse steer]"

By default, the left mouse button will be the accelerator pedal and the right bouse button will be the brake. You can change this and other key assignments in "Buttons 1" and "Buttons 2" sections in the lower part of the screen.

You can also tweak the "Steer centre reduction" value and "Button control rate" to your taste. These settings are explained on the Options manual page.

Tuning up the cars

The car setup in garage has many options which affect handling in different ways. You can read about setting up the car in the basic setup guide and advanced setup guide. You can also find community setups for different track/car combos on the Setups page.

LFS doesn't support tuning the visual parts of the cars (no extra wings, spoilers, side skirts etc.) nor tweaking the engine parameters. However, the S3 license comes with vehicle mods support which already contains over 1000 mods to choose from, with the ability to create your own mods.
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How to unlock cars in the game
(2 posts, started )