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Three Cups Challenge. Description, Rules, and Results.
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Three Cups Challenge. Description, Rules, and Results.
The Three Cups Challenge is a contest consisting in three independent cups (5 to 6 rounds each) that will be held on alternate Mondays, starting on September 5 with the Turismo Cup, and until December 19.

The Challenge has a total of 16 rounds. 11 of them will be contested with a moded car.

Registrations will open on August 30, and drivers will have to register for each race they wish to participate in.

Each cup will have its own rules and standings, and a winner will be proclaimed upon completion. However, to be eligible for a podium position of the Challenge drivers must participate in all Three Cups.

As a general rule, a Turismo Cup rounds will be followed by a Formulas Cup round, and then a DTM Cup will follow before the cycle starts over again. Therefore, if you decide to participate in just one of the cups you will be racing one out of every three Mondays until the Challenge is over.

That being said, there is no obligation to follow a strict calendar. Registrations for each race are open to everyone and you are free to choose which ones suit you best, but if you don't follow a plan your chances to score high in the classifications will be significantly reduced.

Check out the Three Cups Challenge full schedule for details on race tracks and cars to be used. (*round length is still subject to revision. Official CESAV website schedule shall always prevail should any differences appear).

General rules applicable to all rounds

Check out our FAQ if you have not raced with us yet, or have any questions on how to register for a CESAV event.

For information about the points system, please also read CESAV Rules 6.- Scoring and Awards



Setup – No restrictions.

PreRace Qualification – 10 minutes.

Race – 50 minutes.

Mandatory pit stops – Stated in each race’s registering sheet. Usually one, but may be two or none at all.

Pit Stop Requirements – None.


Setup – Same tyre compound on all four wheels, qualification and race. No R2/R1 or such combos allowed!

PreRace Qualification – Hot lap.

Race – 50 minutes aprox.

Mandatory pit stops – One stop.

Pit Stop Rules

1.– Drivers must refuel/recharge during pit stop.

2.– Tyre compound change is also compulsory, and the new set must be different than the one that is being replaced. E.g. If you started with R2 then you can’t use it again after the stop, and must finish the race with R3, R4 or even R1… your choice.


Setup – Same tyre compound on all four wheels, qualification and race. No R2/R1 or such combos allowed!

PreRace Qualification – Hot lap.

Race – 50 minutes.

Mandatory pit stops – Two stops.

Pit Stop Rules

1.– Pit lane will be closed during the first 4 laps and the 4 last ones as well. Drivers shall be allowed to make a stop and repair a damaged car in this period, but they won’t fulfill any of the required stops in doing so.

2.– Consecutive pit stops are not authorized. After completing a mandatory pit stop drivers will have to do a full lap (cross the finish lane) before they’re allowed in the pit again. We suggest you plan your strategy accordingly to comply with the previous requirement.

3.– Compulsory tyre change in each stop. Compound choice is free as long as it meets the setup specifications –that is, same compound on all four wheels.
Turismo Cup. Round 1/6 Results

Formulas Cup. Round 1/5 Results.

This one was tight! There are only 8 pits in Rockingham National and we had 25 racers registered for this one, so a second division was stablished.

LCR»mem0 won the main race while [MRc]Zesty and LCR»NeoN completed de podium.

Champions of the second division were [MRc]Michal, (kvsyenhoj), and TAM®GenniusG

We salute them all, and we expect you next Monday!
And here we go again!
DTM Cup - 1st Round results. Congrats to the podium winners!

Turismo Cup. Round 2 of 6
South City custom layout... we can't wait to discover new neighbourhoods of this city, so we dared to run through some not so accessible streets, dreaming how the new version of this track will look like.

This one also was the fourth round of the Three Cups Challenge, meaning all three cups are now running.

Standigns so far are led by LCR»NeoN, followed by LCR»mem0 and FR™ MAXXIS in third position.
Formulas Cup. Round 2/5
One of the toughest races we've had so far. Without the aid of an electronic traction control we had to revert to old school driving - traction control is your foot!

Only 9 out of the 17 drivers in the starting grid made it to the end, so we salute them along with the podium winners!

DTM Cup. Round 2/5

There are 38 participants in the challenge. As of today, Standigns for the 15 best ones read as follows:

Results for Turismo Cup. Round 3/6

Formulas Cup. Round 3/5
The P166 was another challenging yet fun to drive car!

DTM Round 3/5
Another killer combo! Survival rate for this one was 55%.

Hopefully next rounds won't be as tough Smile (hint: they won't)

42 drivers have joined us in at least one race, and after three rounds of each cup standings for the 20 best read as follows:

Turismo Cup. Round 4/6

Formulas Cup. Round 4/5

The formula Skippy was the featured car for this race, and it was a very fun singleseater to drive Smile

DTM Cup. Round 4/5 results

Turismo Cup. Round 5/6

What a beautiful car Big grin and an excellent mod as well. Good job @Rubie!

Three Cups Challenge. Description, Rules, and Results.
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