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CESAV FAQ and Sign-up process 101
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CESAV FAQ and Sign-up process 101
Check out CESAV League page here in LFS for the lastest news and our racing calendar.

I don't speak any Spanish. Shall this be a problem?

No. CESAV hosts races gahering mostly European drivers as well as from the Americas, and while Spanish is our spoken language everyone is welcome. Our site is also available in English and we speak English too, so don't hesitate to leave a post below or contact us in our site if you need further information AFTER reading this FAQ =)

Do I need an S3 license to race in CESAV?

Any S2 licensed driver can join us, but only those with an S3 license will be able to race in Rockingham or join events using mods. While there will always be LFS stock car races in CESAV we're eager to find and try new cars!

Do I need to sign-up to race in CESAV servers?

Yes you do, and it is the usual sign-up process:

-Select a user name and a password.
-Provide a valid email and then validate your recently created account.
-Log-in and fill in your profile.
-VERY IMPORTANT: you must fill in your LFS license name in your CESAV profile, otherwise you won't be able to fully register for a race. See why below.

Other leagues do not require to sign-up. What are the advantadges of belonging in CESAV?

Though you are not required to join or be in a team to race with us, CESAV fosters team competion and a strong sense of community even for those who prefer to race as independent drivers.

Thus, our servers have an Insim programmed by the staff that collects and processes data while you're racing online. This is linked to your CESAV account (which is also linked to your LFS license) so you know how you're doing while racing online in our #Q server, and all sorts of statistics about your performance after a race.

Hence the need to sign-up and have a valid CESAV user linked to your LFS license name to participate in our events.

We'll never ask your for your LFS password and you should never use it in our site.

OK, I'm in. Now what?

First, please, check out CESAV rules. These are mostly common sense for any seasoned driver, but give'em a read anyway so you know what to expect. For instance, using the chat while racing is forbidden and overlooking this rule will be sactioned and cost you negative points after the race.

If you're new to Live for Speed, you may also check LFS Rules of Clean Racing.

Wait! Can I be really sanctioned in your league?

Yes, and there are two kind of possible sactions –Insim automatic (eg chatting while racing), and those resulting after a driver claimed against another driver.

Clams involving incidents between drivers or reckless driving are resolved by a board of judges to ensure a fair process. You can appeal at all times your sanction, but do it wisely –filibuster is also sanctioned ;-)

I want to race!

And we're expecting you! So this is what you've got to do:

1) Apply for the active race in the Registrations section. Click the Register button.

2) Fill in the details in the profile-page if needed, select a car when available, and validate.

3) You are now pre-Registered. That means that you're willing to race but you must set a lap time before you're allowed to race.

4) Go to CESAV #Q server and set your lap time by completing a full and clean lap (no shortcuts, no slipstreaming). Notice this server is password protected.

5) Now you're fully registered for the race and granted a position in the grid! (*)

I heard I'm not allowed to race in CESAV if I'm slow =(

Not true. All of us were rookies once, so any driver is welcome in CESAV as long as he wants to improve and behaves while racing. However we require you to be proficient with the selected track and car for that week's race.

How? =)

We set up a benchmark of 106% of the best time in the #Q server. You do your lap, you set a lap time within the benchmark –you're in! If you can't reach it don't worry. Keep trying, and when you complete 30 full laps in the #Q server you're in, no matter what lap time you set.

Are there a maximum number of laps to qualify?

Yes. You can improve your time up to 100 laps in the #Q server.

Any other servers where I can practice online besides the #Q server?

Affirmative. CESAV public server is open 24/7 and configured with that week's combination of track/car. There you can burn as much fuel and tyres as you want, and say hello to other fellow racers too!

The day of the race has arrived. Anything else to keep in mind?

Registrations will close at 21:30 CET (GMT+1, GMT+2 summer time), and a free practice session shall sart. Expect some restarts during practice around 22:00 CET so you can fine tune your first lap strategy, and to avoid first corner melees.

At 22:15 CET qualifying shall start. You will be in your box and Insim will show you the message "PreCalificación" in green typo followed by your division, if there is more than one.

There are two kinds of qualifying: timed (Insim will show you the ammount of time available) or single lap. In this later case wait for the Insim to call you. This is the procedure:

-Wait: remain in your box.
-Get Ready: run through the pit lane and wait before the exit line.
-Go: this is the green light.

At 22:30 CET you'll find yourself in the grid and a the insim will show the following message,a lso in green typo: "Carrera Oficial". This is the real deal. No turn back, and no restarts from then on.

Races usually take place in the public server, but it will be password protected since the practice session start (21:30 CET). The password is to be found in the registrations page, next to the server's name and above all driver's lap times' list.

Divisions shall be stablished if there are more than 32 pilots registered for a race. Your division's server and password will also be in the registrations page.

Notice that all drivers who failed to register before the deadline will be autmoatically kicked out by the Insim.

What Else?

Have fun!

(*) Two leg races, or one leg ones taking place in long circuits, start at 22:15 CET (GMT+1, GMT+2 summer time) without PreRace Qualifying. In this case your position in the grid shall be determined by your lap time set in #Q server during the registration process.
When login to your site I get this message "Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
Why ? I've registered and here it is.
(Sergey Markin)
Hi sarcus,

I'll forward your message to the admin. PM your user name (if different from this one) and the email you used to register so we can check what happened.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
hello, very useful information
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CESAV FAQ and Sign-up process 101
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