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X-Ellence video (Introduction to 09)
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X-Ellence video (Introduction to 09)
I want a spoilerless XRT TOO!!


Nice video btw
Nice video. A lot smoother FPS then before. Better quality too. Did you get a new PC?

Keep it up!
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More Drift More Fun
A drifting vid now a days need to contain twins (and more) to be interesting for me. Watching one car drift around one track.. I guess it just won't do it for me. The camera work is good though, except a few times when it looks like the camera is going through the car. Other than that, I like it.
Yes mista, i've got new laptop quiet a long time ago. If you'll subscribe on youtube you would see every time i make a new video

Thank you guys for watching the video.

Cheers JTuned

X-Ellence video (Introduction to 09)
(6 posts, started )