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Site problems
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Site problems
Is there a problem with the OLFSL website for the past 2 days? I can't open the site and even if after some time the menu manages to load, the rest of the site times out
Its working for me.
Perhaps your ISP is having problems heading to the site - I suggest trying a proxy site or switching your DNS to OpenDNS.
Have to admit that I've had occasional problems with the site too - only parts of it loading, the background loading but not the content.... etc. It always cleared up the next day by itself so it is impossible to say where the issue lay.
Yeah it doesn't want to load for me at all, before it loaded the frames (although no content in them) and now it just doesn't display anything.

I guess ill have to look elsewhere for some driving fun
i had trouble connecting also
edit: i cannot access the site at all
I can`t connect. I must have the PW because I want to set my time this afternoon..
I wish I could make the site work, but it's up to our ISP at the moment. Can't even connect to their website, so I bet they'll be working on it

They better anyway, loosing a customer this way

Finally managed to load ISP's site, and got news:

Denial of service attack (DoS) is slowing us down
Can`t you PM the PW to me Sami?
Quote from Richard Torp :Can`t you PM the PW to me Sami?

I'll post it here for all to see. Password for qualifying:

Thx m8..
Temporary site
Because our ISP (webhotel) is failing at the moment due to DOS attack they are facing, we have launched a temp site with main functions. You can view qualifying table and check the server password. Joining to OLFSL and season is disabled, as well as member profile management.

The official site will be up as soon as the problems mentioned above have been fixed - hopefully soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
The official site seems to be alive again. Let's hope it stays that way
I can suggest a new ISP/Webhosting company, lols....

I only happen to work for them....
why does it (website) show me time left race day instead time left for qualy??
Not sure, no doubt Mr V will fix it soon.
Wasn't really that soon, but it's fixed anyway
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Website is down at the moment.
That's funny - it's working here

- edit ---
Oh no, sorry. It doesn't - must have been some old copy from cache

- edit2 ---
Ok, I did some investigations and the service providers page is down also. That means that only thing we can do is wait for now.

- edit3 ---
And now it works again. Let's hope it stays that way...
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Nice dialogue you had there with yourself

It is back and I've got the details for my race, thank you.
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I can not join the websit olfsl? and you?
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Site problems
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