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#1 - Lynce
Raceabout Unique Edition (Based on Pagani Zonda Cinque)

I have the honour to present the Raceabout Unique Edition.

Dedicated to the Raceabout lovers and Scandinavian racers.

Based on Pagani Zonda Cinque. The Raceabout comes with a new addon with high-resolution textures and a 4096 x 4096 Skin. ... 005966774180762802_rs.jpg ... o/pagani-zonda-cinque.jpg

Cinque, means the five unique patterns of production of this car.

I have called this addon unique because it is the only version or adaptation of Zonda'll do that.

The Skin contains ornaments in carbon fibre and a red line which complete the adaptation of the Cinque Raceabout.

I tried to make the skin more faithful to the Cinque adapting to Rac.

The images that I then have not been edited so that they see as clearly the new high-resolution textures. In the attachments you can see them with more quality:

Seats are edited from scratch based on the Upholstry red from the rest of the carrier.

The dashboard, the central part where the transmission is housed and soil, carry a padded identical to that of Cinque.

The engine is a 7.3 litre AMG. I borrowed this addon to make it more accurate as possible.

The parties bright inside the passenger compartment of Raceabout are imitation carbon fiber. There was another aspect that had to adapt the Pagani Zonda Cinque. Except the embellishment of carbon fiber on the dashboard and headers that are not bright.

It has also changed, headlights, intermittent and has been slightly modified rear lights.

We have put some more lights as the current carried by the new BMW or Audi.

I hope you enjoy it.

Both the Addon like Skin are not editable. Thank you for understanding.

About 4,07 mb.
Attached images
Interior 1.jpg
Interior 2.jpg
Interior 3.jpg
Interior 4.jpg
nice, i like it
wow thats nice!!!!!!!!
Looks great!

Super work Lynce , keep it up . Looks amazing
When you were talking about textures, were you only talking about the RAC or new track textures too?
Awsome! Great work, I'm gonna download it in 45 seconds!
i did it in 45 sec too!
awesome lynce, i just experianced another raging eyeball orgasm!
The seat is so sad

PS: Nice work!
Awesome work Lynce, looks real nice
Quote from Riders Motion :When you were talking about textures, were you only talking about the RAC or new track textures too?

Obviusly, only Rac textures.

Thanks for all comments.
So Nice :wow:
Yeeeee! Finally sumthing for ma beloved RAC!

Thank you Lynce, nice work.
wow so nice i am downloading it now thanks. we need something like this for the xrt now
wow...really great work!
Thats possibly the best interior i've seen.
GREAT Work! Must of taken AGES!
Awesome work Lynce. *goes and makes a render*
simply awesome
lynce needs to be another lfs dev great work.

That. Is. Awesome.