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New Layouts At Existing Venues
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#26 - aoun
IMO, enough with the combination, use that time for new circuits.
Quote from aoun :IMO, enough with the combination, use that time for new circuits.

Way to read the thread before replying.
#28 - aoun
Yep, just giving my own opinion, wheather its been stated 50 times or not.
I wouldn't mind new configs for some tracks ( but not aston =p ) but definately a +1 for new tracks. Imho they don't even need to be that big, I could do with club tracks which suits the slower cars. Couldn't help myself but reading through the thread Generally popped up in my mind, so I went right to their forums to see what new tracks are made there. You could choose any of the top tracks from generally and remake them in LFS, with the same environment they would bring a lotta fun to the game, imho. Just look at this, this (we still don't have pine trees in LFS ), and this , +anything from *here*,or go right to the forum and look for others Sad thing generally doesn't have mutliplayer =[
I have no idea what exactly would need to be done development wise to make it possible but i think it would be good. My idea is this;

The ability to create custom layouts on any of the existing tracks, maybe using some of the free space inside the circuit that is now occupied by trees and other scenery could be cleared to allow layouts to be made there.
Quote from Lateralus :I hate seeing my thread being bumped again, exposing the evidence of the one time I didn't use the search feature and suggested something that had been suggested a thousand times before.

I kinda thought it was a sarcastic post about how many possible track configs there still are

LFS defenately needs new tracks, there's no question about it. And it needs to be a new track. As in new, new.

Here's one more config about the KY1 track:

New Layouts At Existing Venues
(31 posts, started )